Gears of War Epic Scale Premium Bust Revealed

Merchandise based on videogames in constantly increasing in both scope and demand, and some of the most high profile titles receive a great deal more patronage than others. One of the biggest performers of the modern industry, Gears of War is about to be celebrated with the launch of a Premium Bust, premium in that the price-tag weighs in with a shocking recommended retail price (RRP) of £649.99.

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Cmpunk2844d ago

wow that's alot of a mediocre game.

Micro_Sony2844d ago

Nice!!! I was almost sold until I saw that Marcus only has the upper half of his body.

If I can drop $800 for an Iphone I can drop that type of money for a this - only 500 made people collectors will eat this up.

omi25p2844d ago

Mediocre? Gears is far from mediocre...

OdinFallen2844d ago

His legs are another 650. Cool piece of art but a little out of my price range.