Want To Watch Amy Hennig's First Masterpiece? Then Check Out This Soul Reaver Playthrough

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was given a price-cut in the European Playstation Store this week, but has it convinced you to hand over your cash? If not, here is a playthrough of the game that might help you change your mind.

Uncharted fans will be able to see Amy Hennig's influence in this game, especially in the form of excellent dialogue based cutscenes and platforming areas.

Below is the introduction level, featuring the ill-fated Raziel as he is betrayed by his master Kain and thrown into the Abyss. The rest of the playthrough can be viewed at the source.

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Pozzle2845d ago

Such an amazing game. Now I feel the urge to replay it again. :O

It's sad to hear Tony Jay's voice though. It's a shame he won't be able to reprise his role as the Elder God if a new LoK game is ever made. R.I.P.

lociefer2844d ago

i fuckn adore this series , this is like the most perfect video games series ever released, story wise/ character wise/ gameplay wise, it got it all, i really wish to know what happens to Nosgoth after defiance, make it happen Amy :(

peowpeow2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Amazing game :)

rumplstilts2845d ago

Although this game nails the atmosphere and tone, it stumbles horribly when it comes to gameplay. It can take hours to find out your next objective, the Silent Cathedral is horribly designed and there are so many annoying block puzzles.

Pozzle2844d ago

I think the dev team did a lot of experimentation with Soul Reaver, so it wasn't as polished or coherent as other platformer games. SR2 fixed up a lot of that, imo. It was easier to navigate and Raziel usually explained where he needed to go. The puzzles were also better.

With that being said, I think SR's gameplay was alot better than the Tomb Raider series' gameplay...and at the time, everyone was talking about how amazing Tomb Raider's platforming and puzzles were. I thought the gameplay was clunky and awkward. :(

miyamoto2845d ago

Love this game!
This is also from the same team that does Metal Gear series and the Berserk series. Excellent voice actors.

AXOi2845d ago

Now this is one game that deserves a remake / HD upgrade

Xof2844d ago


Just, no.

Why would you even think that?

The Legacy of Kain series needs a conclusion way, way, WAAAY before people even begin to consider bringing up the notion or remakes or HD ports.

AXOi2841d ago

Oh of course no doubt about that!!

BootHammer2844d ago

This was such a great game! I would love to see a next gen SR =)

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