BTGames confirms a November release for Sonic Generations PC

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve said it before and will say it again, Sonic Generations is coming to the PC. Last month we provided you some evidence of our beliefs and here is today a release date for it."

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sinncross2844d ago

Btgames still hav the psvita at an october release date. I think its great south africa have a dedicated games retailer these days but btgames have no sense of release date for at times. Maybe they got this right but their track record aint that good imho

Solid_Snake-2844d ago

they also have max payne set for october.

Kamikaze1352844d ago

Nice!If it looks better than the console versions, I'll get it for PC...but I'm doubting it'll be a big difference with this game.

Too_many_games2844d ago

i shall thank you in advance SkidRow

Farsendor12844d ago

ill try this sonic game out and if it disappoints ill never buy another sonic game,its a let down every time another comes out.