Sony launches European PlayStation 3 website

Sony has launched the European PlayStation 3 website. the site has screens and videos and plenty of hardware and software info.

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CAPS LOCK5866d ago

for some reason i thought that the website would be crappy but it was impressive and clear, the only thing wrong with it was that resistance was hidden in the far left and that there where alot of things that said coming soon, but other than that it wa very well constructed.

achira5866d ago

no by me resistance is not hidden, but you are right the design is nice!

CAPS LOCK5866d ago

have u read the other article on pending news about HDMI cables and all the 360 fans are luaging at the ps3 cause it they think the cable cost alot, but here in england the cable is as low as £7.99 check this out:
and microsoft is selling the same cable for 100 dollers from gamestop, i mean what a rip off right.

drewdrakes5866d ago

no no no, dont buy a crappy cable, trust me it makes a difference, a crappy cable can reduce quality. im saving you here.

and yes the site definately looks nice, but its so slooowww.

andy capps5866d ago

I can't get it to load now, maybe it's because it's getting too many hits at the moment. I'll have to try again when I get home.

UndergroundMan5866d ago

Nice site, a little slow but nontheless great work from Sony, their ad campaign will be bombarding Europe soon.

CAPS LOCK5866d ago

even if u think it is crappy it is not, the only reason i posted that particular one is to show u the range of the prices and 7.99 was the cheapest.

there are other cables for 19.99 aswell just check amazon, but if ur willing to spend 100 on just a cable i would just have to laugh at u. because of the price u think it is crappy? i bought this cable and connected it with my sky HD and my HD TV and it worked perfectly, so i am just saying u never know.

drewdrakes5866d ago

Alrighty, and out of curiosity have you compared it with mroe expensive cables? Im not saying it will make a difference, but im saying there is a chance that it could. And you must have bought a better one then ive seen. Because there is actually another article that shows the difference in picture that a cable can make, and its substantial (if true). But im glad to hear the cable is working well for you :)

kewlkat0075866d ago

Away from $4 cables bro. If sony fans can shell out 75% of a grand for a system I'm sure they can enjoy a nice quality cable $70+. Like I said anything else below then youll get what you pay for eventho average gamers won't be able to tell.

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