World of Warcraft 'validates' F2P, says Gamersfirst

World of Warcraft's adoption of free-to-play elements brings validation to the F2P market, according to Gamersfirst's Enno Hennrichs. Recently Blizzard introduced an extended free trial which gives users the ability to play the first 20 levels of their character for free.

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Kee2722d ago

Compared to the levels beyond 20, I bet those first 20 levels go by like the wind. But it's the thought that counts.

bozebo2722d ago

ok, so they get 0.00000000000001% of the game for free... well done

kingjoker342722d ago

The problem with this is that leveling a wow character is probably the most boring part of the game. The best is end game raiding, so most of the trial people will never get to try it out since they believe that wow is just killing 6 mobs for a quest.