Will Sony Drop The Price Of PS Vita?

After the Nintendo 3DS price cut, it’s hardly unexpected to find analysts and commenters assuming Sony will do the same. Regardless of your thoughts on mobile gaming, Apple have changed the market, forever.

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Rrobba2849d ago

Nope, the Vita's $250 is considerably more expensive than the 3DS's $170, but we mustn't forget that the Vita uses more advanced hardware and is still selling for a great value for money at $250.

dragonyght2849d ago

TRU the vita is already a steal at $250 tech wise all Sony need to do is to have games day one lots of games and a few killer apps

NewMonday2849d ago

the PSV is not for the casual gamers, Sony aren't aiming for impulse buyers.

MaxXAttaxX2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

It's already a good value for all the tech and features.

The PS Vita is more developer friendly and its features allow for casual game development.
BUT yes, its main focus is hardcore games.

miyamoto2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Being the cheap-ass gamer that I am, I am holding off from buying a smartphone, tablet, etc.


My cheap-ass feature phone @ $25 + PS Vita @ $250 = $300

versus a smartphone @ $400 - $600

I have two devices that can do the work of one expensive smartphone at half the price.

And what smart parent will buy his 5 year old a smartphone for gaming?

Also these so called analysts are forgetting one simple fact: as long as there a kids, an parent's who has kids there will be a great market for dedicated handheld gaming devices. Same with Saturday animated cartoon TV shows, these portable gaming products will thrive.

Mustang300C20122849d ago

Wow some of you are desperate. No need to break it down how it would work for you. Some of us grown folks don't care to carry around multiple devices and if I am sitting at home I am on my 360/PS3/PC for entertainment.

"Also these so called analysts are forgetting one simple fact: as long as there a kids, an parent's who has kids there will be a great market for dedicated handheld gaming devices"

You have no clue what you are talking about.

Rainstorm812848d ago

Sorry to say but channels like Cartoon Network, ToonDisney, Nicktoons showing cartoons 24 hours, have all but killed saturday morning cartoons.

I remember when i was young the anticpation of watching batman, spiderman, or x-men...and how pissed i would be if i missed an episode as no more cartoons would be shown that day and only 1 rerun would be shown til the new season......

Kids these days will never know that feeling.... i think only one standard channel has saturday morning cartoons anymore (CW)

Gaming is a lil more vast than that..

Xof2848d ago

...It's almost as though you're saying that with a straight face.

You DO realize that the whole notion of Sony selling a gaming platform at a much higher cost than the competition, and justifying that cost by claiming the hardware is superior, has been DISASTEROUS in the past, right?

That was the case with both the PSP and PS3. Both of which had terrible launches, and took YEARS to take off. Oh, right--and that cheaper (Nintendo) competition completely dominated them. That is... not a pattern to follow.

jacen1002849d ago

its $375 in the uk and $457 for the 3g version

2849d ago
maniacmayhem2848d ago

You bet your a$$ they will. If the sales are like what happened to the 3DS or if it goes the way of the psp.

It happened with PS3 it could happen with Vita.

MasterCornholio2848d ago

At the moment people are extremely happy with the Vitas price at 250 euros unlike the 3DS at the same price point. In comparison to the 3DS at the same price the Vita is a great deal. Even with the 3DSs price drop the Vita still is a great buy.

Theres no doubt that Sony will drop the price in the future but for at least 1 year the 250 Euro price will remain. Besides Sony are selling it at a loss so they cant afford to drop the price until the tech becomes cheaper.

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