Notch: Minecraft Xbox 360 beta likely

Notch says that Minecraft for 360 is likely to get “a beta version first or something like that” so that Mojang can “find out what parts are actually fun to do” when the indie smash is ported from PC to console.

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3GenGames2847d ago

Cool. I wonder how different it will be though. Will they ditch the block graphics? Will the same mobs be in there? Etc. Can't wait for more to be said about the console version.

Micro_Sony2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Does anyone know when this game is coming out?

At the guy above me - I think removing the block graphics and having them look more realistic can be a double edge sword.

What I would like is mouse and keyboard support.

3GenGames2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

That'd be nice, I wish Xbox games actually used keyboard and mouse support from their USB ports. Damn, what are they there for?!?!

But I love the block graphics. I'm a retro gamers though. But they just work! A non-square creeper/sheep/skeleton just isn't right. Although if you make it an option to edit your own skins with some crap paint program would be tedious but would work. Although maybe an option to just select the block/upgraded texture would suffice. :) So many design decisions, hehehe. :D

Not sure. And without any gameplay pics or videos released yet, not soon.

fluffydelusions2847d ago

I think all they said at e3 was "later this year"

rabidpancakeburglar2847d ago

Why would they even consider ditching the block graphics? That would just end up limiting the game.

zerox5052847d ago

wow at least bring on ps3 as well, xbox already has fortress craft doesn't need to be as greedy to hog minecraft as well.

3GenGames2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

I dunno, I know the dude working on Retro City Rampage and he says that M$ says exclusivity or you won't be able to release it on the XBLA at all and you can hit the road. It may go like limbo and be released way later, but you just don't know this stuff until the companies say. :/

And I'm guessing the PS3 browser doesn't support Java then?

And lastly, I wouldn't say Notch has a development team on it for consoles, I just think it went to the lowest bidder for the project or most royalties or whatever they bargained on. So if it's Microsoft Game Studios working on it, you can kiss the PS3 one goodbye. Although I feel it'll just be a late delayed PS3 release. I don't think Notch would let it go to a single console, just doesn't seem like something he'd do.

fluffydelusions2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Yeah I think MS likely went for exclusivity for this title. That or notch didn't feel like learning his way around the PS3 architecture (360 is just like PC). Who knows.

ElementX2847d ago

Notch has a separate team working on Minecraft 360

Micro_Sony2847d ago

So the blame is on Notch for selling out and not MS.

I agree that this game should be coming to the PS3 as well but if PS3 only owners really wanted to play it they wouldhave a;ready on the PC.

r212847d ago

too bad it aint on ps3. ah well have fun xbox 360 peeps, game on!
watch out for the enderman, and dont stop staring 0_0

Les-Grossman2847d ago

I am sure Sony will just do their own Mincecraft type game if Minecraft is successful on the 360 & the 360 fans will say that game is a rip off & the PS3 fans will say the PS3 game is superior