Top Ten Video Game Teams

GB writes: "While some heroes were meant to go alone, sometimes you just need a friend. A worthy companion by your side can make all the difference in the world, but not just any two individuals can be a team. It takes mutual respect, talent and trust to be the best. Game Breakers presents our Top Ten Teams that have stuck together, through bad and worse."

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dredgewalker2847d ago

No Drake and Sully? That's ridiculous!

caseh2847d ago


How about Snake and Otacon? :(

WhiteLightning2847d ago

Drake and Elena could of worked aswell :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2847d ago

Wow, no Gracian Hotspur and Johnson or Nariko and the Raccoon girl. Not to mention the absence of Team Rocket's Jesse and James. This list is disappointing.....

WhiteLightning2847d ago

Chris/Sheva lol

"When it was announced that Resident Evil 5 was featuring a cooperative campaign, we were all excited, but hesitant. How would it affect the series we know and love? Luckily, Capcom knew what they were doing, and it turned out awesome"

Turned out awesome....Capcom knew what they were doing....

Co-op ruined RE5

Chris and Jill are better. <Spoiler> Hell I was dissapointed that Chris and Jill wern't the one to take down Wesker, Sheva had no right of being there.

Kyosuke_Sanada2847d ago

I agree, Sheva would have made a great supporting character to interact with. Hell if they made it old school and had the player play as ONE of each and look at the Uroboros incident from different perspectives would have been much better.

Random thought: I wonder what would have happenend if Barry returned with Sully's VA/

WhiteLightning2847d ago

Well she was a supporting character in the final idea capcom had, but then co-op came along and ruined everything. They were going to have Zombies, Tyrants, Jill/Barry as partners, Jill and Chris to take down Wesker etc

Read the concept art, it will saddern you what it could of been like

Kyosuke_Sanada2847d ago

Thanks White, I really appreciate the link and the info.