Halo 4 Creative Director: 'Devs Will Push 360 For Years To Come'

NowGamer: Halo Creative Director Frank O'Connor says there's much more to come from the Xbox 360

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TimmyShire2845d ago

You mean for the whole year left until a new Xbox comes out? Pft.

limewax2845d ago

I think he means in term of sales, rather than tech, Although they never really can say that otherwise gamers tend to start asking for next gen.

The tech which can be pulled off on the current gen of consoles is peaking VERY rapidly though, But I wouldn't get too excited about a new xbox within a year. Too many planned 360 releases through early and late 2012. 2013 seems to be the year that is more plausible as everyone is currently avoiding 2013 releases

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32844d ago

It appears neither one of you read the article, judging by your "way off the mark" comments. Besides, I rather here it from debs than a bunch happy go lucky gamers.

Feckles2845d ago

Surely as soon as the new Xbox is announced everyone will switch that. Devs always want to work on the latest hardware. Unless 360 is here to stay for a few more years yet.

Cmpunk2845d ago

ofcourse they will, unless microsoft does something really stupid lol.

Combellinas2845d ago

John cena

Sorry couldnt resist LOL

skyward2845d ago

Years? I thought MS was revealing the Xbox 720 at E3 2012?

SixZeroFour2845d ago

almost sure that thats what the analysts are saying, dont think there has been confirmed reveal year for it yet from ms themselves...but who knows, i just go with "when it comes, it comes"

qwertyz2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

they are but its supposed to be a surprise do you really expect him to say anything now ? that will send 360 sales crashing down. the plan on supporting 360 even after they release the nextbox(720 as you call it)

By the way I'm sure the 360 is close its technical zenith with crysis 2, RAGE, forza 4, gears 3 and probably battlefield 3(although no 360 footage has been shown) and assassins creed revelations(telling by the looks of the e3 gameplay)

looks like ms is ditching Epic for crytek next gen should be good though because crytek does have potential; farcry 1 was astonishing when it came out and so where crysis 1 and crysis warhead but crysis 2 wasn't as impressive as cryteks previous titles because of the drastically reduced scale and environmental interaction. crysis 2 on extreme(without the directx 11 patch) looks better than crysis 1 without mods though.

Micro_Sony2845d ago

Whats stopping them from doing that? Why cant MS have 2 consoles on the market and still have developers support both.

Yes the original Xbox was discontinued but the 360 has a much bigger fanbase so need for MS to kill it. What they can do is keep the 360 with majority of the Kinect games and casual games and the 720 for the hardcore.

Neko_Mega2845d ago

lol years to come uh? I don't know about that, then again it does sound like they are going back to supporting PC gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.