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PS3-60: Bethesda exec calls for single console standardisation

Bethesda Softworks game director Todd Howard has revealed that he's keen for the industry to adopt a one console as standard.

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Community2882d ago
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NewMonday2882d ago

the important thing is making porting easy, the base should be PC, the developers should only have to tweak when porting to PS3 or 360.

the 360 is already the best at this, the main reason it gets great 3rd party support. Nintendo realize the importance of this, that's why the WiiU will be friendly to PC ports, and the reason its already getting 3rd party approval.

the PS3 is the most difficult, but Sony can't just re-engineer it, and developers cant just ignore the large install base, they will have to cope until the PS4.

the good thing is that Sony realize their mistakes, the PSV is very developer friendly, and i expect the next PS console to be easy too.

xtremegamerage2882d ago

I hope the PS4 uses cell 2.0.

As for one console?

Meaning SonyNinM$, how would you sort out the %. Ninty have larger market share, then Sony, then M$. Before any 360 fans tell me any different, 6million are replacements.

I will only buy PS4. Already have a gaming PC.

vikingland12882d ago

Are you counting the PS3 replacments also? I know that they are nowhere near as high as the 360's but still are you counting hmmm bet not.

SixZeroFour2882d ago

what does this "cell 2.0" feature? and if you dont know, why are you excited about it?

DJMarty2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

@SixZeroFour - More PPE's, more SPU's, and each SPU has more of it's own onboard chip sram, possible faster clock speeds and run cooler and use less power consumption. Even backwards compatiblity could be possible.

Other than that devs tools would be more or less the same, as Cell is scalable. What not to like having a mature dev tools. Most devs now/ or by next gen would know how to code for Cell.

SixZeroFour2882d ago

@djmarty - so basically the specs and features arent even known yet? so again, why is he excited about something that doesnt even exist yet? i mean, yea, its a guarantee that the cell 2.0 will be better than the current cell, but thats obvious. the real question is, did sony even say they were working on a cell 2.0? cause a quick google search left me with nothing of the sort...IN FACT, most of the rumors are actually leaning toward either sony dropping the cell processor OR reusing the current one NOT making a new one

Cmpunk2882d ago

meh i dont want my next system to be ridden with kinect games..

Inside_out2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

It AMD Vs Nvidia for the next gen. Pick your poison, but standardisation is good for game developers but not anywhere else. The last thing we need is every game looking basically the same.

Naughty Dog said much the same thing not too long ago. It's developers that don't want to do anything innovative and claim that the story and cut scenes should be the motivating force...that's INSANE.

Naughty Dog used the example of the movie camera in movies...that's a silly over simplification. Steven Spielberg would get a good laugh at that and Peter Jackson would be on the floor laughing at that...they all would.

While a great developer may find a different way of doing things and artistic style is a big influence but processing power, GPU and memory are HUGE factors in what a game engine will be able to do.

Just look at Unreal 3...imagine if that was the only engine available to make games. Easy for the devs and manpower but there is only so far that will get you. The best Unreal games have been " alter " with additional resources to get to where they are.