FemShep and the Hypocrite Fans

Game Tourists: "So basically, Commander Shepard, 2-time savior of the galaxy, got dumped into a beauty contest. No doubt, her pissed off expression in all 6 pictures is related to this sad state of affairs.

Now, this is just my opinion, but if you actually look at those femshep faces up close, I personally think that blondie is not the prettiest of the bunch. But then, I also think it's really dumb that people are voting for the 'prettiest' - as if 'pretty' made her the most Shepard-like."

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The Matrix2849d ago

How much does it matter if only 18 percent of gamers are going to use female Shepard? :p

Pro_TactX2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

It matters even less considering that people can customize their character anyway, or just import their character from a save.

Edit: Keep in mind people that the FemShep design was voted on by fans. It was a completely democratic choice. If you voted for a different FemShep, then you can complain. If you did not vote at all however, then you don't have the right to complain.

brish2849d ago

There was no option to vote for the original FemShep which would have been my choice.

Redempteur2849d ago

i'm one of these 18% and i don't care about the official fem-shep .. Mine is different and fitting my tastes

Nate-Dog2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Seriously, people are still going on about this? All this amounts to is a picture on one side of a Collectors Edition box, nothing more nothing less. The fact people are bringing in feminist and "sexist" remarks over this is just ridiculous. If people are really getting this pissed at reading comments from idiots about blonde-haired people maybe they should learn to you know, not listen to the ridiculous comments from people that don't know what they're talking about?

You don't have to use the character and chances are she'll barely even feature in any trailers (if any at all). One of the main points of this game is that you can tailor the character to your own wishes and tastes. It's nonsense that this is still going on.

Pozzle2849d ago

Give her a ponytail and she'll look great, imo. It doesn't make sense for a military woman to have hair falling into her eyes.

WhiteLightning2849d ago

I've always pictured her being like Jo from Eureka

Cmpunk2849d ago

nah give her a baldie

WhiteLightning2849d ago

It bugs me that they use the default Shepard for promotional reasons but when it comes to Female Shepard and it's small percentage of fans that use her there has to be a poll deciding which one they should use.

Just use the default one, there was nothing wrong with the default.

Pozzle2849d ago

According to Bioware the original default FemShep was made at the last minute and didn't have the same level of detail that MaleShep had. But if that's the case, they should have just updated her look to be more detailed. Not completely revamped her.

Though I preferred the general look of the original FemShep over the new one. I think she would have looked pretty badass in Mass Effect 3's advertising campaign.

dragonyght2849d ago

Is it just me or redhead Shepard totally owns the blonde one

On serious note I play with femshep just the acting is overall better in my opinion

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