My Fancast for a Mortal Kombat Movie

CBM: Before I finish up the second part of my Dragonball fancast, I thought I would try to cast Mortal Kombat.

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Dart892852d ago

Nice list let's get her for Sindel.

TXIDarkAvenger2852d ago

Its good, but if it were possible....the people from Mortal Kombat legacy would do just fine.

Quagmire2852d ago

I havent seen Legacy yet, but this guys fancast is pretty good.

However, Michael Jai White definitely desrves the continuing role of Jax.

2852d ago
Kran2852d ago

Seriously... stop making these articles. You just choose all the wrong people. Especially when there have already been something like a live action series, like Legacy. Just use the same actors as it would just make more sense.

When you come up with cast lists, you sound like a hollywood caster, where you choose all the wrong people.

Pozzle2852d ago

I think the problem is, a lot of people who make these articles choose actors based on whether they look like the characters, and not whether they can act like the characters. Take Jensen Ackles for example - He's a reasonable actor and he looks a bit like Johnny Cage, but from all the roles I've seen him in, he couldn't pull off Johnny Cage if his life depended on it. The role needs to be played by someone more sprightly and cocky. Jensen Ackles is more of a serious, gruff, "cool guy" actor. Not a loud, obnoxious, hyperactive guy like Johnny Cage.

Kran2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

When casting for a video game movie, you got to cast somebody who sounds the part AND looks the part. Hollywood casting directors only go for those that look the part. You on the otherhand go for people who just sound the part.

You got to have people who look like the video game characters so they relate with each other. You aint exactly going to cast Ice Cube as Nathan Drake, now would you?

Althoug they did cast Jamie Foxx as Lynch in the Kane and Lynch movie.... just stupid!!!

EDIT: Thats a complete lie. What about the australian actress who plays Miranda in Mass Effect? You want an australian to play an american role!!! - Unless these arent your articles in which case, you should put who is writing it in the desc on N4G.

Pozzle2852d ago

Me? I'm not sure why you think I'd only cast based on actors who sound the part. Of course I'd cast actors who both look and sound the part. o.O

But then again, I have no idea who I'd cast for a Mortal Kombat movie. If I was a director, I'd probably send my company bankrupt trying to find the right people. :O

Pozzle2852d ago

"Unless these arent your articles in which case, you should put who is writing it in the desc on N4G."

Um...I did though? The site's name is in the description. o.O

And all of the fancast articles were written by different authors (their names are right under the title at the source.)

2852d ago
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