Your Naughty questions answered

Recently off the leash visiting Australia while his team put the finishing touches to one of the PS3's most promising Christmas releases, Naughty Dog President Evan Wells kindly took the time to answer your questions about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

As revealed in a previous look at the game on Screen Play, Uncharted should be one of the best PS3 titles yet thanks to its gorgeous animation, strong characters and story, and smart blend of exploration, gunplay, puzzles and platform leaping.

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mighty_douche4001d ago

cant the rest of the world play the demo?

thats the only question i want answered.

Devilbringer4001d ago

i feel the pain with you..

resistance1004001d ago

It is annoying, however not to bad simply because i've got COD4 and R&C today to make up for it, i suspect we will get it either next week or week after, but until then i've got 2 other AAA games (i hate the term 'AAA' TBH) to enjoy ^_^

mighty_douche4001d ago

AAA<---- what does it even mean?

games4fun4001d ago

i feel your pain though i would have been dissapointed if uncharted came out for Europe and when i download it it is region locked.

Oh yeah, not to make you feel worse, but the game is ridiculously good. I like it a lot, when the guy hops over something he will use his right and his left hand the animations alone keep your interest, not only that fighting people hand to hand is one of the funnest things ive played. I ran up to someone who was taking cover and got behind and smashed him into the wall it was freaking priceless.

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Danja4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

that sure Sony have a ways this is the best demo i've evr played..

solidt124001d ago

Hopefully they will make this game available to all territories soon. It does bother me that my Bros. overseas dont get the demo at the same time the US does.