Naughty Dog/Jak & Daxter Fans React Negatively to 'One Franchise Per Console' News

This news has unleashed fury from Jak & Daxter fans that are waiting patiently for Naughty Dog to develop a new entry of the beloved series. On the official Naughty Dog Facebook page, fans are expressing great displeasure with the company and are letting their voices be heard.

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Agent Smith2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

People do realize this is something the assistant producer said? It's not even the producer but the assistant of the producer. Unless it's Evan Wells, Christophe Belestra, or Amy Hennig saying it, this is just being overblown.

Abash2850d ago

I have to admit, what he said kind of pissed me off too. It looks like they'll have room for one more game on PS3, and for them not to use it to make a Jak 4 and instead make an Uncharted spin-off of sorts would be very disappointing

Bereaver2850d ago

I don't mind what they're doing. In a way, it's kind of like saying...... sorry, we're concentrating on one thing at a time to secure quality.

ABizzel12850d ago

Stop complaining all the time. People complain about everything. Just because Naughty Dog says they've become a 1 franchise per console studio doesn't mean you won't get a Jak game.

Sly 4 is coming out next year and I don't see Sucker Punch making that, no it's been given to the developer behind Sly Collection.

So Jak 4 could have the same fate. Stop complaining, it's not very flattering.

Dante1122850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Damn, I wanted atleast five new franchises from them this gen. Bummer.... /s

Edit: Lol @ the disagree.

Cablephish2850d ago

That's because they all don't know that it's not an italicized capital I with an s at the end.

Dante1122849d ago

But it's not an intalicized capital I with an s at the end.....

Copy the line and see from yourself.

afterMoth2850d ago

Yay for Uncharted. Don't waste resources on Jak & Daxter, those two are has beens.

KingDustero2850d ago

What is the problem about ND not making Jak and Daxter. Sony has some pretty talented internal studios that can put out an AMAZING Jak and Daxter game for the PS3.

It'll be similar to how Sucker Punch is has having a different studio make Sly 4.

What ND is doing is the best thing for gamers. They put a TON of work into their games and they don't have enough time or man-power to be doing that with two different games running on different engines.

Uncharted is overall the more popular franchise right now and their most successful franchise ever. They shouldn't even think about revisiting a past franchise right now.

Having an internal Sony studio work on Jak and Daxter now on would be the best thing for both worlds. I myself would much rather see what ND can do with the Uncharted franchise on the PS4 than what they could do with the Jak and Daxter franchise.

ChiVoLok02850d ago

You're right. I mean Naughty Dog can always give guidence to whatever studio is making the game like their doing with Sony Bend. Since Jak 3 was the end of the trilogy there isn't much story to be told unless they start getting into Daxter's past (which would be cool). I just hope if Naughty Dog's next game is an Uncharted spin-off that it's still a good game at least story wise.

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ReservoirDog3162850d ago

Now I love Jak and Daxter a lot but I don't get why anyone would want them to start them up again. The Jak and Daxter games were very* story heavy and they ended comfortably. Found out who Mar was, who the Precursors were ect. They ended.

Let them rest and let ND move on. Now I'd buy Jak 4 day 1 but they ended. I'm fine with that.

BattleAxe2850d ago

How can anyone complain when Uncharted is such a great series.....Besides, who is complaining, a bunch of 12 year olds? Because thats the age group that Jack and Daxter caters too.

hilyou2850d ago

jax and daxter are not catered twowards 12 year olds, also if it was than these 12 year olds would be like 5 when jax and daxter released. i agree that uncharted is a great series (my second favorite after metal gear).

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jc485732850d ago

gosh. you can never make everybody happy.

theonlylolking2850d ago

Some of these gamers act like grumpy old people.

badz1492850d ago

certainly not like THIS!

Silly gameAr2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

They'll get over it. Or not. Either way, back up and let the real ND fans have their say.

Dart892850d ago

Idk about you guys i think it's better that way the series wont get milked and ive loved every series they've made.Can't wait to see what they have in store for us for ps4^^.

jc485732850d ago

IMO, I wouldn't like the idea of having a whole franchise on Jak & Daxter for the next console. Either they hire more people and then divide into teams or create a whole new franchise, which I prefer.

denero12850d ago

i agree a whole gen with jak nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo

Lucreto2850d ago

Jak is behind ND now. Good for them to create a new IP each generation.

Sony can get another studio to work on a new Jak. Do what they did with Sly. Get a smaller studio who are big fans work on a HD collection and then start a new story for Jak.

PirateThom2850d ago

I said a week or so ago, see how Sly 4 turns out and look into acquiring Sanzaru to make the mascot titles.

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