PS3 UT3 still in Sony's '07 lineup

With the November release calendar jam-packed with big releases, Sony Computer Entertainment America this morning released its full holiday 2007 lineup of expected games and add-ons for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 2.

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HarryEtTubMan3999d ago

HAHa Predator goes through EVERY PS3 article filing reports and such... its so funny ... buddy why are you so worried about the PS3? Go play your junkbox in 640p(Sorry couldn't help myself) MUAHAHAHA

the worst3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

junkbox lol
i could go on and on

Lionsguard3999d ago

Though I want this game badly, I wouldn't mind it being pushed back just a tad bit. Theres just too many games to play!! not enough money or time!

wil4hire3999d ago


SHEESh... it just doesn't stop.

I wish I was a 360 owner, then all id be looking forward to this year is Mass Effect,cod4, and assassins creed.

the worst3999d ago

Mass Effect wow my son want 2 run out and get a 360 for that game
(yeah right)
Ratchet is a winner here
ps3 rules

Evil0Angel3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

"your son"?????????
how old are you ? from your comments(all around N4G) i will assume u are 12((19 maximum)).i hope ur son do not grew up to become another [email protected] up.

============================= =============
back to topic:i really hope it stil coming this year. i am waiting for many games like Mass Effect,Uncharte,AC6,COD4 but this game is in the TOP of the list.(ademo will be nice also)

The WildAttorney3999d ago

Here's a joke for you. How do you know when Sony is lieing? It issues a press release. Sony can't seem to tell the truth about anything. Why some people maintain such loyalty to a Japanese company that can't bother to speak the truth to its fanbase is beyond me. Unreal Tournament 3 is not releasing for the PS3 this year. They are only saying that to buff up their sad holiday line up.

kevin11223998d ago

It's lying not lieing m oron

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The story is too old to be commented.