Microsoft to push for more Kinect titles

Computer giant Microsoft has revealed it's plans to release a second wave of games on the run-up to Christmas. During the press-talk, the marketing manager for Xbox stated that there would be the release of far more exclusive games to the XBLA Kinect.

Also, the article suggests that a majority of these shall be on the Indie category, but as of yet is unwilling to reveal any more details on titles to be released just yet.

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darthv722846d ago

I wish other companies had as much commitment to their accessories as MS seems to be showing (cough...Sega).

Bigpappy2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

@darthv72: Too bad there are not more people on this site with a brain. Sometime I don't bother to post because the site is over run by a bunch of kids, who still do not get that Sony and M$ are only in this for the $.

Anyway, this is what M$ needs to do. Most of the stuff for Kinect, like Child of Eden, would do much better if they were downloadable and had a lower price point. Kinect game don't need to be large budget game at this point, people are still figuring out how to properly implement the device. This is new to everyone, and developer don't need to make big budget games with it, until they have mastered how best to implement Kinect in said game. M$ needs to support Kinect if they want to sell large amounts of 360's this holiday season. People in here talking down this move by M$ need to watch those sales numbers this holiday season.

Casuals like the idea of XBL, but as a shopping center, where they can buy games that interest them. This would make them use XBL more, as they would want to see what's new every month.

Okay! Let the tolling commence. I am done for now.

Bereaver2846d ago

You two have got to be kidding me.

Showing love to an accessory is great! But abondoning your fans to try and pull in money from the casual market?

As of now, there still aren't any truly hardcore ways to implement into games that brought Xbox360 to what it is today.

I just can't believe people are dying to love it and blaming others for not? With the simple fact again, most people who made the 360 what it is today can't get any use with it.

Yes, I have kinect. Yes, I have a reason. My girlfriend is a dance teacher and it's fun to play the dancing games with her.

But what about FPS lovers? The only thing I saw that was worth anything is the demo where you could pull your gun apart. But how does that really help? or put you in the game? It doesn't.

Until MS can truly get rid of that lag, it's just not possible to do anything for the vast majority of the 360.

Now, in my opinion, I don't think that it's possible to simply update Kinect with firmware to make the response time quicker. BUT, it might be possible. MS said they could do it, so I really hope they can.

Here's for good hope! ~cheers~

As for the comment about people not having brains. Can't you see that you're the minority in this arguement?

TyrionL2845d ago

@ Bereaver
I'm not sure what lag you’re talking about. I find Kinect to be very responsive. I also really don't see them making a FPS control scheme for Kinect. I just don’t think it would be worth it, but I do see them making games from the ground up for it. What’s the problem with completely new gaming experiences?

I also think the way they are implementing it in some of the upcoming core titles is great. I do agree with the pulling the gun apart thing, it might be cool a few times, but I don’t see it being used that much. The way they are using it for Mass Effect 3 is totally worth it to me, I think using your voice to command your squad defiantly streamlines the game play therefore improving it. I know that people scream “but you can do that with a $10 headset”, and, “why would I spend $150 on voice commands”, but I say if it’s so easy to use the headset why don’t they, and I already have Kinect so the more uses I have for it the better.

I just don’t understand why one side will praise Sony all day long for all the options they give, yet the same people bash MS any time they come up with new options. I did spend $150 on Kinect, and I welcome as many ways to use it as possible.

Boletarian2846d ago

Read the article. The guy is saying that the their will be full Kinect integration with their next wave of XBLA titles. One title a month.

Unlike what some people say, MS is not forcing the games to be exclusive to Kinect, but to have Kinect support.

gamingdroid2846d ago

I like Kinect support whenever it makes sense. The dash integration and Fruit Ninja will be the bomb. Looking forward to core games with Kinect experience, like Forza 4, ME3 and Ghost Recon as well.

Gunslinger also looks interesting and then there's a ton of Kinect exclusive games like the Japanese games, Ryse and Fable.

There are tons of support for Kinect, as an add-on or exclusive.

Biggest2846d ago

Okay. I'm lost. Boletarian says that it's GOOD that Kinect is being supported as a secondary/optional control system. The people agreeing with him are the same people that love to harp on other companies having secondary/optional control schemes as if it were a detractor. Which is good? Games built from the ground up, games with added functionality, a combination of both, or none of the above?

Cmpunk2845d ago

i guess sony is the only hardcore console left! let's just see how long they will stay that way

fluffydelusions2846d ago

I'm not opposed to kinect but some games shouldn't use it. Games like dance central, fruit ninja, and child of Eden, are perfect for kinect.

jdfoster002846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

More? trololololol =/ where are the harcore titles? That has an KINECT OPTION* And not just kinect only... (Like not hindering the controller based experience)

gamingdroid2846d ago

You mean like Forza 4, Ghost Recon and Mass Effect 3?

air12846d ago

He just mad sony's add on was a dud, or thud?! Lol

WhiteLightning2846d ago

Least Sony didn't spend 500 million of adverstising...

Hey you went

WetN00dle692846d ago

I think he meant games like Rise from Nightmare and the Crytechs title. How i wish i were able to play those two titles with my controller...............

Mechanic452846d ago

They did state that Kinect had not been "seen as to use it's full potential". However, on several occasions with a few friend's consoles, I've found the Kinect to be very glitchy. I wonder even with an effort like this, will Microsoft be purely pouring money into a bottomless pit. Surely their first concern should be making the censor more pin-pointed rather than going out on such a limb as budgetgamer suggests.

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