Five Games That Will Keep You on The Edge of Your Seat

Andy Wrote:

"There’s no better feeling in gaming than when you’re so absorbed in a game you just have to physically get closer to the screen. It’s an impulse for when business begins to pick up.

Whether it’s the final lap of a race, the last remaining team member, a dark corridor or even a competitive game; nothing around you matters, you’re that absorbed.

I’ve compiled a list of games, from my personal experience that have nearly pushed my ass over the edge of the seat."

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UNCyrus2850d ago

Catherine should be on this list.

GamerEuphoria2850d ago

It might of been if it was out in Europe where we are based.

Getowned2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

what about dead space that game makes me go "Ahhh! ohh crap ooh crap crap" especially when i was fighting the hunter and you're locked in the room and he just can't die ;[ ..or when you're walking around and you can hear them walking but don't know were they are untill there chewing you're arm off.. bioshock was pretty good too! i played them on pc :p these games should be right beside res4 :P

Reibooi2850d ago

Would certainly agree with that. No game out there had me more in suspense then Catherine. There were times when it was almost stressful worrying about what might happen next because you wanted everything to work out for Vincent.

Anon19742849d ago

Anyone try Alan Wake? It looked like a good, plot twist/edge of seat kind of game. I just picked it up yesterday but my inlaws are down later today for god knows how long so I don't know when I'll actually get a chance to pop it in.

Denethor_II2849d ago

There's definitely an atmosphere in the game that you wouldn't want spoiled by interruptions.

BiggCMan2849d ago

Yes, great game despite what reviews have said. It went so low under the radar though unfortunately. I think you will enjoy it.

maniacmayhem2849d ago

Alan Wake has great graphics, a good atmosphere and the production of the game is fantastic with the music and episodes and all. Unfortunately the gameplay is very repetitive which kills it.

JellyJelly2849d ago

Was just about to mention that game. It made me jump out of the couch more than a couple of times.

stu8882849d ago

im going through Alan Wake now for the first time, and god its tense!

THE THING on PS2, now that was tense!

and thinking about it, Tomb Raider 1 was tense, going through those caves all alone, pistols never in their holsters!

All great games.

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Cpt_kitten2850d ago

i agree with that except for starcraft and RE4

as much as i love those they didn't keep me on the edge of my seat id put dead space and Catherine in there

Kurt Russell2849d ago

Same, RE4 was fine, but not my fav by a long shot and Starcraft isn't my bag... Deadspace was brilliant and so was Silent Hill 2!

Mcardle2850d ago

Heavy Rain kept me on the edge of my seat until it's stupid plot twist. Ruined the whole game for me.

AndyWilliams242850d ago

If I'm thinking about the same one you are, I thought it was pretty good. I kinda caught on before it was exposed.

RedDead2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The plot device earlier on in it was absolutly retarded though...SPOILERS Below

When the private detective goes to the bathroom and does his stuff for like 10 seconds, it's such an annoying way to try and throw you off.

And I can't believe people think that was a good twist, it was terrible and handled poorly. I don't agree that it killed the rest because the game was great, despite the twist, the journey to it was amazing and the end was too.

Also theunleashed down there, those are plot holes because they are not explained in game. I want to see the full story in game, not on Youtube.

Also paintsville, an quick time event is short that comes up unexpected, Heavy Rain's gameplay is mainly that, and it does induce heart pounding madness, that was my favorite part of the whole experience.

stu8882849d ago


I didn't see it coming, in fact he was my favourite character until he started burning the evidence!

Heavy Rain was defo a came you couldn't put down.

cruncher_202849d ago

I have to agree with Mcardle...

As every story that lack depth, weakness shown around the end... The twist was not so good and suddently everything fall apart... The game has so much potential but the story was just not good enough !

Bolts2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The twist doesn't any sense with that giant plot hole in the middle of the story, or should I say plot holes?

For example if Ethan is not the origami killer then why is he constantly waking up from his blackouts with an origami on his person? It makes zero sense and yet the PS3 fanboys just lap it up like Heavy Rain has the best story ever.

Don't even get me started on Scott's investigations which is beyond moronic when you consider the twist at the end.

theunleashed642849d ago

there is a video explaining ethan's blackouts on youtube also why madison dreamed of men dressed in black tryng kill her. they fill up the plot holes and give a better understanding of some parts of the story.

maniacmayhem2849d ago

There were super plot holes in the game but i did enjoy it when the killer was exposed. It was interesting to see what the killer was doing.

But yea, the whole Ethan blacking out was a super red herring and made no sense.

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BlmThug2850d ago

I found that being on the edge of my seat is very uncomfortable so I wont be on the edge of my seat but my heart will race like Crank

t0mmyb0y2849d ago it's not good for your posture.

paintsville2849d ago

I can't believe heavy rain was even on this list. I mean it's nothing more than an interactive quicktime event.

Mechanic452850d ago

Dark Descent was indeed a good game . I loved the old dark corridor scenario, but the fresh turn of having no literal way to fight back, and instead just run and hide made it an even more interesting game.

I'd have possibly suggested Penumbra, even though it is closely related to the gameplay of Dark Descent.

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