Treyarch Explains How They Build and Balance Multiplayer Maps

RipTen - Building and balancing multiplayer maps is hard. It’s even harder when you have to do it for the biggest video game franchise in the world and are expected to pump out high quality map packs after release.

So, just how does Treyarch manage to get it done with a game as big as Call of Duty: Black Ops?

We sat down with design director David “Von” Vonderhaar to find out:

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xPhearR3dx2844d ago

Treyarch did an awesome job in WaW. Black Ops maps were TERRIBLE though.

malol2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

black ops maps were FULL of camping spaces
and spwan system was dumb as hell
so tryearch is smoking something

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2844d ago

Personally i liked only 3 maps in black ops, Nuketown, Firing Range, and Havana but the rest went to bad as well.
With that said i actually did not like any maps from pack 1 or 2, so i skipped 3 of course.

evrfighter2844d ago

Treyarch maps are extremely terrible. they offer no balance and nothing but camping spots

Iw made some really good maps. dont expect to have any good maps in mw3 though. All their creative talent went to respawn

BattleAxe2844d ago

I agree that WaW was an awesome game with awesome maps, which makes me wonder how they could get Black Ops so wrong in every aspect. I do think that Raven has done a great job with the newer maps in the map packs, and infact I think that Raven could have done a better job on Black Ops all around.

Sigmarue2844d ago

I heard Escalation was ok?

BeastlyRig2844d ago

"Treyarch Explains How They Build and Balance Multiplayer Maps"

I hope they figure it out.

NuclearDuke2844d ago

I liked Modern Warfare 2 maps better than any other CoD. They were simply perfect. Remember that Infinity Ward, the splitted Infinity Ward aren't making the multiplayer. That will be Sledgehammer with assistance of Raven - So you might find a whole new map layout in MW3.

CrimsonEngage2844d ago

In what parallel Universe have they figured out how to do this because it obviously isn't this one.

RickHiggity2844d ago

The one where cod isnt the most popular franchise, and they actually have to try to make a good game.

NarooN2844d ago

In the universe that used to exist, since CoD3 and WaW's maps were actually good.

J86blum2844d ago

I laughted alittle when I heard Treyarch and balance used in the same line.

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The story is too old to be commented.