Saw II - $15 or Less

What better time than summer to catch up on all those games you've always wanted to play? Those lazy days of summer are perfect for getting some quality game time in, but no one wants to blow all their ice cream money on just one or two games, so super sales are definitely the best way to go. Today's mega deal is on Saw II.

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RyanDJ2722d ago

These kind of deals make me regret ever preordering things. If you have the patience, you can get about everything cheap, and the only things that get hurt are the ones with strong online communities.

The_Devil_Hunter2722d ago

Man, when I was younger my parents use to say this exact same thing. THey use to say "Devil_Hunter, stop wasting money on those things and wait till your birthday or christmas to get em".

In fact I think this was just last nightl... O_o

JimmyJames702722d ago

yep. $15 is a good price point for Saw II.

SephirothX212722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I'd rather have my four pints of Guinness thanks very much.

Kran2722d ago

Have one on the house too, meaning you got better than Saw II!

ElementX2722d ago

I think Guinness is overrated. There are many other stouts with much more flavor.

thebudgetgamer2722d ago

not crazy about the movie, but i love that shawnee smith.


BlmThug2722d ago

She really is in that picture. She alright looking in the films. OT: Saw 2 aint even worth £2

2722d ago
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