Retail Business Against Digital Business

Remember a time when you'd camp out in front of your local gaming or movie store because a new game/console or movie was about to be released at midnight? I do, but all of that stopped many blue moons ago. Predominantly because my local gaming/movie store began hiring common people who knew nothing about video games/film or what was going on within the innards of the store. Below, you'll see my standpoint on all of this.

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Rrobba2849d ago

I prefer retail - I like to have a physical copy of what I buy. Having said that, I do like the convenience of digital downloads.

Persistantthug2849d ago

As long as the Gamestops, the Wallmarts, the Targets, and the Best Buys have to sell consoles for the manufacturers and at a loss, they will continue to demand there be physical media to be sold.

Trying to bypass retail will render severe consequences upon the manufacturers (MS, Nin, Sony) or the consumers.....or both.

The day when physical media isn't required for consoles, will be the day when consoles won't need to be sold in stores.

That's how business works, and if you don't believe me, then take notice at ONLIVE's game console.....You've never seen it at any of those major retailers, and you never will.
Ergo....dead console.

DFresh2849d ago

On PC I'm fine with digital downloads because there's no owner and you never need the disc anyway it's always just install it and play.
That's it.

On consoles I don't want digital downloads.
Just think about all of the corrupt shit that has happened this gen and imagine digital now.
Yeah it would a nightmare.
Companies with so much control that you don't own the game at all.

That's just what I think anyway.

gcolley2849d ago

i prefer to have a choice in what i pay for games, retail lets me shop around. DD = zero choice.