Nintendo 3DS Doomed Like PSPgo? "The Nintendo 3DS has been a hot topic as of late, thanks to a massive price cut not even six months into the handheld's release. The device enjoyed one of the biggest first day sales in Nintendo history, at least in the US, but since then momentum has slowed down a lot with the PSP maintaining top position in hardware charts on a weekly basis. It's not farfetched to draw a comparison to the PSPgo, but will the 3DS follow the same road paved by Sony's failure of a handheld or will it make a dent in the handheld market?"

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Rrobba2634d ago

No, once Pokemon/Mario are released, and once the price cut hits, the 3DS is really going to explode.

Muletroid2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

lol the 3DS probably outsold the go in the fist month
lets not go overboard here

firemassacre2634d ago

all the 3ds needs is a audio casset player and it can survive this.

ofx3602634d ago

I'm pretty sure with a Virtual Boy and Powerglove attachment, it'll do more than just survive!!

SilentNegotiator2634d ago

It's not "doomed" but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it shared a fate similar to the Gamecube.

ShawnCollier2634d ago

Expecting that the games this winter should help things out some.

Hardedge2634d ago

As usual, I think the Nintendo first party titles will carry it while the third party titles struggle to keep up.

Still pissed about the price cut though, it's not even been half a year since its release.

manman62634d ago

Nintendo need to step up their game a little bit more, because if third party developer don't help bring games to 3DS like they did for the DS then the 3DS probably struggle to stay on top.

Silly gameAr2634d ago

Never thought anyone would say this about a Nintendo product. Thought those guys were untouchable.

Nicaragua2634d ago

Why? They have had more than there fair share of flops over the years.

People seem to think that Nintendo shit gold because of the Wii but the N64, virtual boy, and gamecube were failures sales wise - so they are hardly untouchable.

tiffac2634d ago

First they where comparing the screen scratching defect to the 360's RRoD now they're comparing the hard times of the 3DS to the fail of the PSP Go. lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.