New DmC Devil May Cry images coming "very soon"

Capcom teases the reveal of new DmC images.

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OmegaSlayer2633d ago

Just wanted to lol at the lack of comments in the first 5 hours. :p
It's bad fan are loosing interests and people not into the series won't bother anyway, reboot or not.

Tony-Red-Grave2633d ago

you would have to ask capcom why their still suporting and NT why they still want to go through for that answer. But at leas its nice to see news

zerocrossing2633d ago

Yay, can't wait to see more images of a ruined franchise. Thanks again Capcom for your incompetents and for blatantly ignoring the hard core fans.

The way its looking now It will take a miracle to resurrect DMC after this. Good thing Capcom has plenty of the T-Virus lying around.

Quagmire2633d ago

Cant wait! Ninja Theory are phenomenal delevopers, keento see more of how the game looks.