Carmack: Downloadable Super Quality Pack Possible for Rage PC

At this year’s 2011 QuakeCon keynote, tech wiz and Id Software director John Carmack said a downloadable ‘super quality pack’ for Rage PC is possible.

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Letros2635d ago

Mmm, make it happen Carmack.

lelo2635d ago

Yep... make it happen. Another reason to get the PC version, if there were any doubts.

BeastlyRig2635d ago

Super Quality plus mods! yeah! That will be Super Duper Quality!

Doc-Holliday2635d ago

Glad to see some developers taking advantage of the more powerful hardware

bumnut2635d ago

I hope everyone does not follow Crytek now and release all versions with equal content then fix the PC version months after release.

That would be bad, especially from someone like ID.

Doc-Holliday2635d ago

Its better than just leaving it as a simple console port with higher res. Its usually just about money and development time that they can't do more with the PC version at release. I don't mind waiting a couple extra months. The Crysis 2 upgrade was a great improvement

@firemassacre below: are you drunk? you make no sense.

yamzilla2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

the dx9 pc launch version of crysis 2 was HARDLY equal to the console versions!!

for one, one my pc and everyone I know, it ran at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second without a single torn frame!

It had mucho anti aliasing

Ran in stunning true 1920 x 1080p vs. the consoles ugly sub-hd

it was not plauged with horrendous pop-in like the console versions

it had dedicated servers

the dx11 and high res texture update just further seperated the pc from the console version

then the mod tools came and goodbye any semblance of the pc version and the console versions even being considered in the same leauge!

but day one the console versions looked a full gen behind, like most multiplat games unfortunately

time for new consoles!

bumnut2634d ago

My point was Crysis 2 should have supported all the advanced features from day 1.

If this is the way pc games are going its bad news, what would be the point in buying a game on release if the high end features are added later?

Im not going to buy a game, play it, then play it again when they decide to finish it.

Ducky2635d ago

Considering it comes with mod tools, a lot more is possible.

pr0digyZA2635d ago

True if they don't someone else will.

firemassacre2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

do it now for me. cass in pointe a carmack is ready for it

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The story is too old to be commented.