First ever Uncharted: Drake's Fortune review with score

Someone by the Username of Jenslyn87 at Gamefaqs translated a little bit of the review :

"WOW!" That was the first word that came to my mind when playing this game. I've never seen anything like it, and its really quite overwhelming. Every graphical detail of the game has been worked on and I lack words to describe it. When you walk through bushes you actually see them bending and twitching naturally and the water of DFis up there with the very best. I have never seen graphics this good on any console and in my opinion it sets a whole new standard for what can be done graphically in-game ".

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Skerj3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Damn, 9.5 that's very assuring and I'm waiting to see it for myself in about 10 mins. Curse everyone on the PSN at once now!!


GOD DAMN!! I am buying this game day one. The enemies are actually. ..SMART. They've been outflanking me so I had to unlearn everything I learned from previous cover and fire games. You definately can't rely on cover too much, they'll move in on you and things will get black and white reaaaaally quick. The melee combos are so awesome and are actually required in order to live.

A pirate came around to a stone wall I was hiding behind and I did a combo that consisted of a punch, a groin kick where Drake left his foot there to use as leverage for the next kung fu style spin kick. Then another pirate moved in to shoot me while fighting his friend and had his back towards me trying to find his own cover while reloading. I jumped on his back and he and Drake struggled as the pirate's neck was snapped. This game is visceral, and the platforming elements are
awesome too.

Added Later:

Completed the demo 3 times on medium and I'm going through on hard now. Learning a lot of things now, like you can shoot enemies when they're about to throw grenades and they'll stagger and drop it. Sometimes they might evade it and recover, other times they'll take themselves and cohorts out. Anyone who says something negative about the animations either didn't play or didn't pay attention. Enemies bob and duck bullets like crazy. Also when Nate's hurt his demeanor changes until he recovers, I didn't notice it until things kept staying black and white.

DrPirate3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I'll add that I was equally impressed with the demo.

When a game gets my blood running like that, I know it'll be good.

Defintely my Game of the Year for this year.

Worst part was defintely when the demo ended, I'm surprised how good the shooting felt considering the noticeable lack of rumble when I compare the experience to Gears of War.

sonarus3999d ago

My impression i personally wish there was a little bit more music. The A.I. was really solid and the graphics were excellent the wetness effect was really impressive its jst as good as w all thought it would be. The only downside had t be the music for me. Maybe it was cus it was demo dunno but hopefully more music in real game

AngelOFDeath3999d ago

this game is freakishly awesome, the neck snapping, the running drop kicks, and I think the most bad ass of it was the combo of punch to the face, followed by 2 stomach punches then a slomo fist to the back of the head as the pirate stumbled to the floor, the AI is tooo smart, I'm used to the idiots that stay in the same spot in some games that when these dudes were scrambling for cover I actually wasted a clip tryna get em by the foot at least, the whole black n white scenes are just as gorgeous, totally unlike the Rainbow 6 Vegas, u can actually see whats going on lol

Danja3999d ago

lol..dude you beat me to the first impressions..but seriously..this game is [email protected] amzing..I couldn't find one thing wrong with it...and the music doesn't suck..or maybe I wasn't really paying attention to it..I had to be focused on the smart b!tches trying to flank me from the side..and ..I found it kinda cool that when there's an explosion near bye...there's this beeping sound "I couldn't find a better word to describe it srry"...the graphics is stunning and the platform element implemented just works many blind shots did you guys take..? controls and targeting is top notch BTW...and the so make the game seem even more cinematic..!!!

ATLRoAcH3999d ago

Yeah I know man its awesome.The AI is really smart.I'm about to go play it on hard.

TheSadTruth3999d ago

dis game is so awesome only possibul with the power of thE PS3!!!!!!1

PL4Y 83Y0ND!!!!!


Skerj3999d ago

Yeah guys I really must say the videos did this game no justice, it simply has to be played to be appreciated. One of the best elements is that Nate's just a normal guy. He's not a cookie cutter soldier or some steroid induced hulk in armor with summer movie one liners. This is apparent from the opening cutscene in the plane, which is quite funny I might add. You can tell by his animations as he seems tired and drained from all of the strenuous activities he has to endure yet continues on.

I also must give kudos for the platforming. I know this is just a demo but there are jumps that I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been able to make in other games and ND pulled through. If the story can keep up with the action Naughty Dog has a serious winner, I don't care what anyone says.

hazeblaze3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Yea, this game is going to be FREAKINNNN SWEEEET!!! I'm just about to go through the demo again for a second time. It's simply the most impressive action game I've played so far... the graphics are EXTREMELY top notch and the gameplay is as solid as it gets.

Like others have said, I was VERY surprised at how smart the AI is... and the game was just fun to play the whole way through. Between guns, grenades, and melee... the action had a perfect balance. And the platforming elements are really sweet so far as well... although this demo is really more heavy on action than platforming.

Just to give you an idea how much I enjoyed the game... I was looking forward to Assassin's Creed more than this before playing the demo. But now Uncharted is my most anticipated purchase, definitely day one. Considering AC still comes out next week, I'll still be picking that up too though ;-).

Anego Montoya FTMFW3999d ago

Holy Sh!T.

it`s also alot more challenging than i imagined(which is good IMO).

Naughty Dog Just KILLED IT.


Uncharted could take the cake FOR GOTY.

if you haven`t DL`d it, get your @ss of the cpu (leave work/go home) and get this. you`ll thank me later.

mazirjones3999d ago

any and all doubts i had about the playstation are completely gone. this is the REASON i have an hdtv and playstation 3.

CaptainMeatwad3998d ago

I completely agree with everything you guys have said, this game is so damn good. Oh god, the feeling I got when I punched a guy in the stomach then kicked him in the throat and ran up his chest to snap his neck between my legs was one of the best I've ever gotten from a game. Just...amazing! I think I need a cigarette after that.

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Danja3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago ) also downloading the demo...curse you for beign on now

predator3999d ago

tell me what you think of the demo lads

CRIMS0N_W0LF3999d ago

Its going fast compared to R&C time. Its at 43%

king19903999d ago

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