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Inside_out2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Some parts of the game play looks so good, it seemed CGI in nature. These are the kinds of trailers that I really like to see...GAME PLAY trailers. Did you see that big hand coming over the wall. I really hope it will look this amazing on consoles...getting nervous tho...that was too good.

Fishy Fingers2632d ago

I'm sure it'll look great on consoles, in fact, I'd hazard a guess that is console footage in the trailer.

joydestroy2632d ago

omg i'm blowing my load all over the place. time to watch it again! sooo excited.

MidnytRain2632d ago

Really? I'd need about another 15 minutes...

JokesOnYou2632d ago

Well the graphics look great but maybe its just me but nothing in that vid graphically really blew me away....what I really like is that theres alot going on, action, chaos, WOW the gameplay looks really good and I'm hoping thats where RAGE won't dissapoint.

dorron2632d ago

This must be PC footage. Looks pretty sweet. Reminds of Borderlands on steroids.

garos822632d ago

interesting. i loved borderlands i have a feeling this will be pretty sweet too

AKS2632d ago

I think RAGE will be much more focused on action than Borderlands. I loved Borderlands and I think I'll love RAGE, but I think they will be very different games.

aGameDeveloper2631d ago

This is actually what it looked like when playing the game on the 360's they have at QuakeCon.

Horny2632d ago

That looks... may I say amazing.
I cant wait to play this game.

MidnytRain2632d ago

I think I recall at some point that id was going for a "T for Teen" rating. Lol, what happened to that?

Convas2632d ago

Went out the door when they started chopping people's heads off. XD

aGameDeveloper2631d ago

At the keynote, Carmack said that Bethesda did some market research and determined that the game would get more respect and sell better if it was M rated.

MidnytRain2631d ago

You wouldn't have a link, would you? ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.