Notch Reveals Players Can "Claim Land" In Minecraft Beta 1.8

Notch has today revealed that players will be able somehow to own land in Minecraft in Beta 1.8.

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xtremexx2657d ago

now when zombies come to my house, i can shout "GET OFF MY LAND" just before they pwn me :(

WhiteLightning2657d ago

lol...I would say that :)

and if there was a shotgun I would then add "Laugh this one off Twinkle toes"



Motorola2657d ago

Im pretty sure you can mod that in :D

Spenok2656d ago

Apparently someone disagrees that you would say that while playing minecraft.

But this sounds interesting. Minecraft just gets better and better.

Which is a bad thing (not really) because i already play it FAR to much. xD

SilentNegotiator2657d ago

So, what, claim it from the zombies and wolves or is 1.8 turning into an MMO? lol

Fragger2k82656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I'm just guessing that it mostly has to do with the inclusion of NPCs in the game. Perhaps they'll be able to have land claimed as their own, so X area would be defined as one groups town/village, as well as letting you do the same. Maybe you could also get NPCs to live in your own sets of claimed land, have your own guards that could attack intruders, maybe even have your own shops. Who knows. =O

Maybe it could also be put in place for online play. So, say someone has X area claimed, no others will be able to grief it, and there could be an option for allowing others to edit the area.

Or to take it even further, there could be different factions both offline and online, and each faction has their own "country" or big set area of land and could claim more areas if they chose to, add in the NPCs, guards and castles that would be built, maybe some trebuchets, and the ability to lead your group, and BAM! You've got yourself the ability to have your own wars. That would kick ass. =P