Battlefield 3 Specact Uniforms Revealed

The Battlefield 3 Specact Kit Uniforms for both the United States and the Russians have been revealed.

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callmedom942728d ago

Loving the uniforms on these

Crazyglues2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Yeah there cool but why does the Sniper not have a gully suit anymore.. that was an awesome disguise - and true to real life


DaCajun2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Yea all snipers run around in urban or desert settings with ghillie suits on in real life. "Hey Joe is it me or is that a bush over there walking around on the subway train?" LMAO

Would be nice if Dice added something like the Socom series where you can change and adjust your uniforms and camo to suit your surroundings. Dice were never much for a wide variety of character models, they are just all about the destruction.

From the 6 years I spent in the military I remember we all had the same uniforms regardless of our MOS or specialty. If we showed up all wearing totally different uniforms in our unit we would get our a$$es reamed. But this is just a game so realism is not a factor most of the time.

Crazyglues2728d ago

Oh ok, I didn't know Battlefield 3 also shows when A sniper goes out to dinner and he's at home chilling with his family, when do they show that Level -what Map is that?-... I thought this was a game and it was showing him in battle, because why else would he be wearing a gully suit... -but ok if were going to act all silly..

yeah he shouldn't wear it when he goes to dinner or out walking around on the subway train.. he should put it away then, and only wear it on the Battlefield... LoL..

and since were just making stuff up, From the 21 years I spent in special forces we always had gully suits, for our snipers..

-but this is a game, and you wouldn't want your sniper wearing a gully suit while he is out to dinner with friends.. -can't wait to play that level. The map where you just hang out with the enemy and go out to dinner and stuff. ..LoL

Yeah take off the sniper suit while at the dinner with the enemy because we don't want to mess up the realism.. LMAO..


DaCajun2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Didn't say anything about wearing a ghillie suit in outside of battle. Maybe if you had pay attention you would notice that the map they keep showing for Battlefield 3 multi-player is partially played in a SUBWAY. Wow what a concept my comment makes sense except to you. Stop huffing the crazy glue and maybe you would realize it.

Making stuff up? LMAO troll, I have my DD-214 which states honorable discharge to prove I served my country and proud of it.

Crazyglues2727d ago

honorable discharge, yeah sure you do.. I got one too.. LoL

DaCajun, to tell you the truth, I really could careless about your DD-214 - this comment was about the old sniper suits in BFBC2..

Not weather you are or were in the Military, which by the way no one believes.. and I personally could care less.

-but since you could not just state your comment without acting like a 12year old by sending me a nasty Private Message.. -again acting like a 12 year old, I decided to send you one back since you seem to be into that type of thing- Lets just agree to disagree..

thank you for the feedback or whatever that was..


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Hufandpuf2728d ago

Both the Americans and the Russians look badass!

Cpt_kitten2728d ago

nice designs......but why is every game against russia? again its not the cold war anymore there a good ally to us

callmedom942728d ago

Never got it. Seems like the Americans are the good guys, and Russians are always the bad people. Good cop, bad cop type of thing? Maybe

chadachada1232728d ago

Because North Koreans suck as bad guys (and makes everyone seem racist), and no other country is a believable enemy force.

At least, that's the reasons that I think major game companies would use. We all saw how some nuts reacted to African *zombies* in RE5, and how some people accuse the Uncharted series of heavy racism for fighting a lot of Latino enemies. I imagine any other countries that the United States fights against will bring similar racist accusations, even if it's made by a Japanese company (in RE5's case).

madara0sama2728d ago

I think I like the non specact uniforms better.

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