The Jersey Shore comes to Xbox Avatar Marketplace

Andrew Yoon writes: Yes, the popular MTV reality series has managed to find its way into the virtual clothing store, giving you the ability to don The Situation's abs ($2) or Snooki's hair ($2). And sadly, that's not the end of it.

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GunofthePatriots2634d ago

whoever buys this deserves to be punched in the face.

evrfighter2634d ago

Not sure if ms iz serious

NukaCola2634d ago

Why MS? Is this all for teh LuLz?

crzyjackbauer2634d ago

i have no faith in humanity anymore

SilentNegotiator2634d ago

Hopefully it's just a government test for future sterilization...

hadouken0072634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

ewwww. atleast it could have had a tattoo on it saying thug life or something lol.

Clayman2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! He shold really work on his arm tan.

Dragunov2634d ago

I´m sure this will be a hit in the xbox community

Fishy Fingers2634d ago

If I see someone on my friend list with that, they're getting deleted.

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The story is too old to be commented.