The 10 Greatest Video Games Of All Time

Experts help sort through the gaming industry's greatest hits. From way back to the Atari 2600 days these are some of the games that have helped shape the video games industry into what it is today.

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season0074001d ago

obviously its ignoring millions of japanese games....
and btw don't try to come up with 10 so-called best games
it is not even possible, if you want to come up with Best games up to date
at least make it a hundred and 10 in each can u make a decision about top game in one genre better than the other?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4001d ago

Made by a lamorz. Might as well make a blog I can make it better

Timesplitter144001d ago

yeah that top 10 makes me wanna poop bricks

The BS Police4001d ago

I do see how Halo changed the industry, it showed how one game if marketed correctly aswell as it being extremily fun can rival any form of entertainment, including movies and music.

Sadly this list is way to short for it to completely accurate.

DeckUKold4001d ago

is a very very bad list it's like that person relived the 80's

BIoodmask4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

The original Legend of Zelda was the first of it's kind and in my eyes is still awesome.

And there is no doubt that Super Mario Bros has influenced most platformers there are today. GTA3 is what popularized the the sandbox style gameplay. FF3 is one of the best in the series. Same goes for RE4. Halo 2 also brought online "console" gaming to life. It is still being played by hundreds of thousands of people online today. Same goes for WOW. First of its kind to become massively popular.

Overall a good list in my opinion. These games have influenced countless other titles that have been released years later.

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The story is too old to be commented.