Modern Warfare 3 Confirmed For Wii – Will The Multiplayer Suffer?

The biggest thing about any Call of Duty game is it's multiplayer and the newest addition to the franchise, Modern Warfare 3, has been announced for the Nintendo Wii. Will this lead to the multiplayer suffering?

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2636d ago

Just look how black ops is on the wii, it won't effect us on x360 and ps3.

fatstarr2636d ago

dam thats good news if i wasnt gettin it for a different console/computer id prolly pick this ups for fun.

the question is will it be for wii-u

Simco8762636d ago

That is the question, because if it is, then that will be a blessing for Wii owners.

StayStatic2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Can it get any worse ?


Nah based on experience

Cpt_kitten2636d ago

lol cod multiplayer is pretty bad to begin with, not to mention buggy and full of small children that love cheating then crying cause they get banned

JBSleek2636d ago

Will it affect MP? You think Activision is going to let the Wii ruin the game... Come on; just another platform for people to play on.

josephayal2636d ago

does nintendo wii have online??

jacksonmichael2636d ago

Oh, hey, I was curious, is Phayal your last name or just an odd way of spelling fail?

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