Minecraft: Adventure comes to those who wait

GGTL: "Indie developer hero Markus Persson, overlord of the Minecraft universe, has been gearing up to release an update of monumental proportions in terms of content. Although no solid date has been set yet - remember, the official release of Minecraft's final version is 11/11/11 - Markus, or Notch, has begun to sprinkle some tidbits of info about the final game, some which has already been implemented, alongside some ideas that the team are currently testing out."

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ATi_Elite2632d ago

Well now that Minecraft's official release will be soon i guess the game will sell another 3 million copies.

Minecraft = Best beta release ever!!

Spenok2632d ago

Not only am i spending to much time on Minecraft as it is right now, but once this adventure update hits i think my life is ruined. I better start getting those divorce papers ready....