Seven Things Dragon Age III Must Do To Redeem The Franchise

GB: "BioWare were once known for making the most hardcore, the most deep and complex WRPGs ever, with stats, customization, grinding and everything that you would want to see in an RPG. With Dragon Age: Origins, they reaffirmed everyone’s belief that they were, indeed, one of the best Role Playing Game developers of the world. When Dragon Age II was announced, a lot was expected of it, for Origins was considered to be one of the best RPGs of the generation at the time of its release."

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Kamikaze1352634d ago

Not be Origin exclusive =P

ATi_Elite2634d ago

You mean Dragon Age: Medeival Ops 3

sorry but there is no hope for this franchise as it has been made cookie cutter by quick releases.

I'm surprised DA3 isn't out already!!

Clipper132634d ago

I quickly became uninterested during the first games life-cycle. I stopped buying their products in any form when they released the Leliana's Song(?) dlc. Squeezing our wallets like plump ripe oranges with their constant dlc releases. Don't get me wrong either, I love new dlc. I just feel they overpriced every piece and to be honest I never thought any of it was worth the pricetag.

limewax2634d ago

Yeah the dlc put me off pretty quickly, I purchased one and that was enough. To buy the lot would have cost almost as much as the game brand new on PSN. And from what I hear the long-awaited 'Witch Hunt' DLC sucked a lot.

In all honesty though I think I was one of the few that actually thought Dragon Age was lacking a lot of content even in its original. I know the 3 dragons didn't really quench my dragon slaying thirst either

VanguardOfCalamity2634d ago

don't forget the Griffons - everything is better with Griffons

VanguardOfCalamity2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I'd also like to see some Bar scenes added to the Hangman - piss warm chango anyone??

goku323592634d ago

really, the main thing i can say is please, for the love of God bioware, make it more like the first one (u know, the one that was actually an rpg)

neverok2634d ago

What bioware really needs to do is go back to its roots as a pc game developer. I love playing games on my ps3, but bioware games are just meant to be played on a pc.

Saryk2634d ago

You will received mass disagrees today!
I gave you an agree!

But seriously. Certain products they make do work better on the PC. Dragon Age Origins was one of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.