Bungie Documentary 'O Brave New World' Follows the Studios Rise & Future

GameDynamo - "Bungie Software has just released a documentary video to YouTube called 'O Brave New World', which tracks the studio's rise to preeminence as well as gives us an idea of the bold steps it plans on taking in order to reconquer gamers the world over as an independent developer."

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FrustratedFury2636d ago

It's from a different website. The video is the same, but it's from a different source.

vladn2636d ago

Wouldn't that go under "credit URL" as opposed to another post?

DEA Fresh2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I just want to see their next project that will be on consoles. They're such a solid studio and you know publishers aren't afraid to throw money at them and let them really take control of their own games. Hopefully it's released between now and holiday 2012.

Bungies new IP and w/e Respawn are working on, are my two most anticipated multi plats.

Tripl3seis2636d ago

i wish bungie the best luck they deserve it i cant wait for their next game!!!

Convas2636d ago

Godspeed to you Bungie. You literally changed my video game world in 2005. Halo is and forever will be the beast YOU guys started.

Whatever you do next, I'm there.

towelie12882636d ago


i think 2001 is when i got hooked to halo
sold my ps2 instantly for that game
wow what memories