Play Supported PS3 Games On MAX 1080i or 1080p Resolution |

Today Jorge "Social Gamer" Murphy is going to share a little tip for Playstation 3 gamers.

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MaximusPrime4145d ago

I knew that. I did it with Burnout Paradise few years ago. Pretty old news for us longtime gamers

Persistantthug4145d ago

Use your TV's upscaler.

*end rambling topic*

WhittO4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

I dont know, it has to be better to run the game in the native resolution than forcing the PS3 to upscale doesn't it?
I mean, wont you see some sort of visual side effects/bugs from forcing a higher resolution, since you may see things you weren't supposed to so clearly etc. Or cause slow down in games?

I have a good Sony Bravia but don't think seen a feature that says it can upscale a HDMI signal itself lol, will have to re-check though.

TBH, if a game is made for 720p, I really doubt you would see that much improvement/difference in visuals, just probably smaller menus.

bruddahmanmatt4144d ago

@ WhittO

You are absolutely correct. The reason the PS3 often forces 720p even if you have 1080i and 1080p checked off is because most games have a native resolution of 720p and that setting is where the game looks best. All this fool is doing in his video is upscaling the game from its native resolution (which in the case of COD is actually 600p and not 720p) to 1080i or 1080p.

Cmpunk4144d ago

modern warfare bioschock dead space uncharted infamous black ops resistance crysis killzone and more all those games automatically go to 1080p on my tv.. it just depends on the model and how recently you got it'

limewax4144d ago

True, If you have a smart TV and connect the PS3 to the DVI/HDMI rather than HDMI. Then it will actually output at its max resolution automatically. Some smart TV's also display in the corner of the screen the output resolution which is handy to confirm your smart tv is outputting correctly. Even when it switches from XMB to game these particular TV's will notify you of the resolution you switched to

Bloodshedder4144d ago

yea... very old news.
I did it like 2 years ago

gman_moose4144d ago

MW2 is not even 720P... why would you want to try to run it in 1080P? It wouldn't display right.

After watching this video, I loaded up Dragon Age Origins, which is optimized for 720p, and set my PS3 so it has to display at 1080p. I saw no difference in the quality of the picture, but once I got into a fight, the damage numbers were huge, and seemed stretched. Obviously some games might benefit from this "trick" but most will not. The system has multiple output display settings so it can pick the optimum one for the game. Wipeout HD for example will DEFAULT to 1080p because that's it's native resolution. It's pointless for games that run native 720p. And by the way, if you hav a good display, it will all look amazing.

cooperdnizzle4144d ago

Yea dude no game on the console will benefit from this. There are set to 720P, anything above that will is just up scaling which makes games look and run worse, because they are not supported at those resolutions. This is the noob est video i have seen. Everybody noes its not true 1080P. Hahaha stupid video.

TVippy4144d ago

LOL, dumb video, MW2 runs in 950x550 or something.

Sprudling4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

Doing this is _completely_ unnecessary. The game will select the preferred resolution from those you have checked in the settings. It just so happens that 720p is the preferred resolution for most games, because the native resolution is 720p (or less). Games which truly support 1080p will indeed choose 1080p if you have it selected.

Deselecting 720p when 720p is the preferred resolution will only force the software/hardware to do the upscaling instead of the TV. This comes at a cost because upscaling is not a free operation. If you have a shitty and/or old TV it might have a bad upscaler, but any decent TV will have a better upscaler than the PS3. In any case, letting the TV upscale will take work off the PS3 hardware.

Several games will actually look worse with this "trick". Soul Calibur IV is one of them.

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aceitman4145d ago

he needs to be told that 720p is higher and better than 1080i. 720p= 1440 on lines .

HappyGaming4145d ago

720p just means 720 lines
1080i means 540 lines but interlaced

deadpoole4145d ago

which is inferior to 720p.

gatormatt804145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

Actually 1080i is a higher resolution than 720p, but 1080i does not handle fast moving objects on screen as well, for instance like sports. You're more likely to see pixelation when using 1080i because the lines are interlaced.

gamingdroid4145d ago

It is a higher resolution, with two big weaknesses:

a) effectively you are getting half the frame rate, interlaced means every other line is drawn, so it takes twice as long to update the entire screen

b) due to taking two frames, the picture might not always match up netting you anti-anti aliasing! Essentially undoing the anti-aliasing in the first place! Good jolly, that must be an awesome feature.

fr0sty4145d ago

1080i runs at the same frame rate, however each frame is a half frame. Frame 1 will only have the even rows of horizontal pixels, frame 2 the odd. any motion between the frames will result in a stair stepping effect, which creates what we call interlace flicker (look at small text on a SDTV to see what I mean). at 1080i, you have 540 lines per field, at 60 fields per second. 720p gives you 720 lines at up to 60 frames per second, every frame is a whole frame (hence the "P", for progressive scan).

Some like to say that 1080i is only 30fps, but technically that isn't true. you can have motion between each interlaced frame, however this actually makes the image look worse since you can see the jagged edges around moving objects.

gcolley4144d ago

you guys do know modern TVs cannot play interlaced. that was CRT and early 1st gen plasma. don't believe me... google it.
1080i is better than 720p to my eyes on my TV

krisq4144d ago

Yeah, but TV is probably doing deinterlacing or bobbing. Both are lossy.

NCAzrael4144d ago


What do you think the "i" in 1080i stands for, genius? Despite what you may have read on wikipedia, interlaced video is still used by all HDTVs on the market. Most, if not all current models, have progressive scan capabilities, and it's preferable to use progressive scan whenever possible, but they are actually capable of using the interlaced video signal displayed by most cable and satellite receivers.

IcarusOne4144d ago

gcolley is correct. Flat panel displays are incapable of displaying interlaced signals. Everything is made progressive. 1080i refers more to the signal being sent to the TV, not so much how the TV is displaying it.

720 has a more solid image, but 1080i has better fine-line detail. It all comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I want the game to run in whatever resolution the devs have optimized it for. Example: GG stated that KZ runs best at 720p and the PS3 displays it at 720p. I saw artifacting when I up-rezzed it to 1080.

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TABSF4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

720p = 1280 lines horizontal times by 720 lines vertical, p stands for progressive scan
1280 by 720 = 921,600 pixels.

1080p = 1920 lines horizontal times by 1080 lines vertical.
1920 by 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels.

Progressive Scan (p) = lines are drawn on each frame at the same time in 1 field.
Interlaced (i) = lines are drawn across 2 fields on 1 frame, 1st field will do even numbers, 2nd will do odd numbers.

Also both these resolution are on 16:9 aspect ratio
Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony should consider adding more resolutions to the consoles.

For example:
900p = 1600 lines horizontal times by 900 lines vertical.
1600 by 900 = 1,440,000 pixels its also 16:9 aspect ratio.

Plus if TVs can support 1080p it should scale down to 900p easily, PC monitors can at least.

Another point would be, if your happy with 720p then don't go higher, reason is it requires more computational power which will make the system run hotter and nosier.

militant074145d ago

1080i = 1920 HL by 540 VL

1920 by 540 = 1,036,800

gamingdroid4145d ago

Xbox 360 does do different resolution on the output scaled with a chip to work with native resolution of PC monitors. The result is damn good!

Of course the games do whatever it does natively....

HeavenlySnipes4145d ago

Anyway, I find 720p to be better than 1080i and pretty much the same as 1080p

saladthieves4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

720 looks better than 1080i but NOT THE SAME as 1080p!

You might find it to be the same probably because the source picture is 720p and it doesn't get up-scaled/converted (to 1080p) even if you set your monitor/tv to 1080p.

Other than that, no way is 720p the same as or similar to 1080p!!

AKS4145d ago

To follow up on your comment, 720p and a 720p source upscaled to 1080p usually look about the same, but NATIVE 1080p is a substantial upgrade over 720p.

However, most of the best looking console games run at 720p native, which is why talented developers like Naughty Dog, who know far more than any of us about resolution, effects, and game development, tend to choose 720p. You want to run the game at the resolution best suited for the hardware.

This is also the case with gaming rigs. If you want to build a gaming PC and ask around about what video card to get, one of the first things you'll be asked is what resolution do you plan on using.

Bladesfist4144d ago

@AKS They dont really know that much more than us. The reason they run their game at 720p is so the console can upscale it or downscale it for them. If they run at a different resolution they will have to handle scaling in code which reduces overall performance.

neoandrew4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

@AKS, lol they choose 720p, because there is no way ps3 can handle 1080p, as same as other consoles

AKS4144d ago


You can absolutely make a 360 or PS3 game that runs in 1080p, but you'd have to compromise massive amounts of detail and effects. As I already clearly stated, developers choose the settings in which their game looks and runs best, which for the current generation of consoles is 720p.

AKS4144d ago


I hope you're not serious about the things you wrote in your comment. If you were actually serious, you know far less than I would have assumed.

If a developer created a big budget, highly detailed game optimized for native 1080p, it would be a slide show on the current generation of consoles.

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NCAzrael4144d ago

Well there's your problem. You need a new TV. Or you need to start watching things that are actually displayed at 1080p. Currently, my 65" TV is set up against the wall that separates my living room and bedroom. If people come over when I'm watching something on blu-ray or on directv, without fail everyone comments how it looks like there's a hole in the wall and we're just watching shit that is happening in my room. In fact, it was almost the the point when I first bought the TV that I didn't like it because it was too different from how I normally watched things, but after about a week my eyes got used to the clarity, and now everything in lower resolutions looks like garbage.

scorpiosfinest4145d ago

He's a dumb ass do some research before making a vid...

The game will play in it's native resolution... forcing 1080i or 1080p will just unconvert the image which isn't always the best idea as it can result in a softer looking image. I always stick with whatever the native rez is.

milohighclub4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

this is very true, i tried this a while ago when i first played darksiders and it made the game look quite shit to be honest. always stick to the native res. if resolution bothers you buy a pc. been playing half life 2 at 1440 and couldnt believe how clear it was.