Xbox News Roundup Week Of August 4, 2011 (

James of writes:

"Although our Xbox LIVE Marketplace Update was skimpy this week, we’ve got some pretty good news to make up for it in the first Xbox News Roundup"

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dwightmccarthy2635d ago

Borderlands 2! Can't wait for that.

Jamesmanguyperson2635d ago

Agreed! Im curious as to what they've improved..

paybackprahl2634d ago

Hopefully we get some crafting options and more interesting, cohesive storyline. I found myself running out of inspiration often while playing.

Jocosta2634d ago

I hope they make the dialog less repetitive, Clap Trap started getting pretty tiresome.

Cpt_kitten2634d ago

Just give me a create your own char, that is the only think i need for borderlands 2 to be better than the first, first one was gold