EA unveils Battlefield 3 Limited Edition and North American pre-order bonus items

The heat of the battle intensifies today as DICE, and Electronic Arts Inc. studio announces two editions of Battlefield 3 and the unique pre-order items available at participating retailers in North America.

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Godchild10202725d ago

So, will there be 2 different editions at launch? Standard and Limited, limited being for those that didn't preorder.

MWong2725d ago

I doubt it, have you ever seen another BC2 besides the Limited Edition, besides the Ultimate Edition? I would be shocked.

Ser2725d ago

This special edition has been "unveiled" since the Back to Karkand pack was announced.

Really old news.

Raven_Nomad2725d ago

How about EA unveils some Xbox 360 gameplay? Call me crazy but the Xbox 360 crowd is leading the pre orders on this game and we've yet to see a damn single screen shot or any footage.

I give EA credit for suckering so many people with PC footage though, not many companies would be vile enough to try and trick the public.

Get everyone all excited for the game by showing it on supped up, high end PC's that nobody actually owns. We've seen 1:27 worth of PS3 footage and some off camera blurry screen shots that looked less then impressive.....

Get with the program. I'd definitely be more then worried if I pre ordered this game on a console and it's two months from launch and we've seen no footage.....yall are suckers.. Not even the beta PC footage has matched what EA showed early on.

Urrakia342725d ago

You obviously didn't pre-order this game so why are you worried about it?

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The story is too old to be commented.