The Club First Look Preview

The Club could well be the next big thing. As gamers have no doubt noticed by now, there are an awful lot of shoot-'em-ups out there. Some of these – the Halos, UTs, CoDs, Rainbow Sixes and GoWs of this world – can legitimately demand attention simply by virtue of their pedigrees and potential. However, there are an awful lot more whose overly familiar promises of "most number of online players ever" or "bigger and better vehicles and gizmos" have a knack of drawing out a small sigh or occasional yawn.

But that's not what The Club is about. Although Bizarre Creations has adhered to the basic rules of the shoot-'em-up genre – namely to shoot things up – and will feature online multiplayer and a selection of weapons, its ethos is rather different: it borrows and tweaks elements from as far afield as Project Gotham Racing, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop and even Tony Hawk.

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