No Steam Distribution for Battlefield 3

GameDynamo - "Today, Steam has once again been given the cold shoulder from EA, as the world's largest digital retailer does not have the rights to distribute Battlefield 3 digitally."

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ARMY_HAWK2633d ago

Well that's a surprise /s

Kamikaze1352633d ago

Looks like I'm buying it through Gamestop then. I'm not giving Origin my precious munnies

ddkshah2633d ago

With giving money to gamestop you will NEVER see it again. With giving it to ea they use it to make games like battlefield, medal of honor, Star Wars The Old Republic, Bad Company, need for speed, etc... I'd rather give my money to a publisher than a retailer.

trancefreak2633d ago

best buy for me they have a rewards program for games now.

I usually buy all non valve games on dvd pc disc.

NuclearDuke2632d ago

You just lost to MW3 on PC EA games. I am sure DICE loves you right now.....

Farsendor12633d ago

why just compete with steam d2d is pretty good also makes no since to snub steam and not the others.

Kamikaze1352633d ago

It doesn't make sense at all.

nycredude2633d ago

This is stupid

I only like to buy all my pc games on steam so I have them in one place. Now I may be forced to buy it on console even though my pc can run this crap on high.

Fishy Fingers2633d ago

You can still boot non-steam games through steam. Really doesnt make that big a difference, at least not enough to buy the stripped back console version for.

Kamikaze1352633d ago

It wouldn't make sense because launching this game through Steam would launch Origin. When PC sales are low for this game, they only have Origin to blame.

Fishy Fingers2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Good point, although I'm still hopefully that doing it this way will allow me to use the Steam interface in-game (tab+shift). A bit like the Games for Windows Steam games.

Pandamobile2633d ago

Bf3 won't launch through origin. Origin doesn't need to be running to play the game.

BattleAxe2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I like to have my games in Grid View, and non Steam games don't have a Grid View Icon, along with the fact that I want my entire purchase history in one spot, so no matter what PC I have, I just download Steam and I'm good to go.

No Steam = no buy for me. There are more than enough games coming out around Halloween and Christmas time that I'm looking forward to like Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3. Besides, it feels like I've been playing CoD and Battlefield nonstop over the last 4 years. Time for a change. Its a damn shame that Crytek didn't follow Steam's ToS, since I was going to buy Crysis 2 once it got down to $40.00 on Steam, oh well, their loss.

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joydestroy2633d ago

sadly EA/Origin already got my money for SW:TOR. i just couldn't risk not pre-ordering to get in as soon as possible versus picking up a physical copy when they decide to ship them.

so, i'll prob end up getting this on Origin as well. either that or direct2drive. just very sad EA is choosing to do business this way.

Fishy Fingers2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I'm buying it from Play (or similar) then, boxed LE is still £10 cheaper than on Origin and I'll probably get it a day early :)

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