How Nintendo 3DS is Winning Over Old Bitter Gamers Who Hate 3D

GameDynamo - "When the 3DS premiered, you could have called me, at best, skeptical. It looked like another Nintendo gimmick. 3D without glasses? Great, I'm not even a fan of 3D. I try my best not to go to 3D movies, I'll probably never own a 3D television unless I'm forced to, and 3D gaming is pretty much lost on me. Call me bitter, call me old, because that's exactly what I am. "

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charmer2727d ago

3ds is a great system and the good thing nintendo has in its favor is 3d is about to take off wether in a year or two so at the price gamers want to come aboard and games are coming

RaidensRising2727d ago

Yep, more people need to realise that the slider is included for a reason. The 3DS isn't just a DS with 3D added and if you do turn off the 3D, the games are still great regardless.

AWBrawler2727d ago

Amen! slider is there, but honestly only game i prefer without 3D on it is SSF4, because its faster