Psych Study Finds Gamers Play Their 'Ideal Selves'

VGW: With the explosion of character customization and more-or-less sophisticated ethics and faction systems in video games over the past decade, we’ve seen a lot of conversation about what motivates someone to choose a particular path. Why be a monastic Jedi when you could just Force Lightning your way through the plot of Knights of the Old Republic? How could you have possibly let those poor people of Megaton go out in an inglorious blaze of cleansing atomic fire in Fallout 3? A new study set to be published in the upcoming issue of academic journal Psychological Science may have an answer.

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limewax2685d ago

I disagree, my ideal self is not an old man crawling through grass, An overly muscular grunt chainsawing through mutated locusts, Nor a fat Italian plumber hooked on mushrooms and glowing flowers

4pocalyps32685d ago

I think it's going more towards a game where you get to create a character rather than predefined characters.

Cpt_kitten2685d ago

are you stupid or did you not read the article? its about being able to create your own char, like oh and they say it KOTOR, Fallout, mass effect, elder scrolls

kaveti66162685d ago

Those 4 games you mentioned never really have enough options to satisfy, especially in the physical appearance department. For example, in Oblivion's appearance selection system at the beginning, I could spend as long as an hour trying to make the face of my character look like mine and I wouldn't get close.

Also, when it comes to character abilities, I don't think that it's possible for us to know whether we'd want to be a mage or a knight (for Oblivion). That's why I might spend 2 hours on Oblivion playing as a character with a specific skillset, and then start a new game to see how it's like to play with different skills.

I disagree with this study because the variables are not distinct enough. Psych studies such as these are rarely given any professional credit from the scientific community because they're usually conducted by undergrads or grad students who need to publish an article.

punisher992685d ago

This not about Solid Snake, Marcus and Dominic, or Mario. This is about the games that you create your main character.

limewax2685d ago

Ah, apologies, I didn't notice. I have to say though that I tend not to follow that pattern myself, I create often something I would never want to be, A hero who does every little chore for everyone, or an utter *******

Dovahkiin2685d ago

In skyrim, my ideal self will be created.

dirthurts2685d ago

I totally agree. I tend to end up playing games experiencing things I wish I could experience.
Tomb raider...sigh...
But no the chick part...:/

gcolley2685d ago

or they could have just asked any gamer.

crackerface_whitey2685d ago

when I played as commander Shepard I would start every conversation with "hello I'm here to give you cancer"

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