Kid Creates Games in ROBLOX, Gets 18 Million Followers

One ROBLOX player has gotten so popular that 18 million users have played his games within the MMOG.

Mama always said I was a block-head. Now I know why.
For the uninitiated, ROBLOX is a massively multiplayer online virtual playground and workshop designed specifically for children 7 and over. Unlike other MMOGs where players roam various lands, perform jobs and take on hobbies, ROBLOX allows its users to build virtual worlds and games in a social, LEGO-like environment.

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No FanS Land3608d ago

not bad, that's 1.5 times the subscription peak WoW ever had.

NuclearDuke3608d ago

"As with most MMOGs currently available, ROBLOX offers a free option and additional premium subscriptions. The Turbo Builders Club allows users to store 25 "active places" but costs $11.95 per month. The Outrageous Builders Club allows for 100 "active places" but costs $19.95 per month. ROBLOX also provides additional payment packages including yearly and lifetime memberships."

And people say Activision is greedy? Haha!