The Delay on the PS Vita is the Best Thing to Happen to Gaming This Year

Josh Knowles from Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Whoa now, I am sure you may have decided to read this article to look for a fight, let me assure you, this isn’t the nature of this editorial. In fact, I am totally excited to get my hands on the PS Vita when it launches (funny name and all) but it’s delay really is the best thing for gamers this year.

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Rushing_Punch2634d ago

I see the writer's point, but if I don't want to buy a 3DS I don't think it is sound logic

agentxk2634d ago

It isn't about the 3DS v Vita though, that was my point. It is about saving that $250 and putting it into several other great releases this year.

Sev2634d ago

First, it's not a delay. Second, it sucks. I want the PlayStation Vita. It's so hard after having played it, seeing how complete and awesome it and the games are. I fully expected it to launch this year.

MaxXAttaxX2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I think it's best to launch the PS Vita with multiple game options, than to launch with little to no games.

I also agree that it gives us the money and time to spend on some pretty great games coming out later this year.

nycredude2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

So it's great for broke gamers. What about the gamers who have the money and want one NOW!?

Edit the article and make it the best AND worse thing to happen to gaming this year.

Agentck below
MW3 really? Of all the great games coming you choose that?

But people don't HAVE to buy it this year. you can always buy it next year when you have more money.

So how is tegra 3 outperforming the PSvita. Is it a gaming handheld? What games can you play on it? By your logic if you own or buy a radeon 5870 or any one year old gpu then you can't enjoy your system and games cause there are far more powerful gpus available now right? Come on man think before you speak. Consoles are weaker than pcs does that mean it's too late for consoles?

TBM2634d ago

Personally I glad it launches next year, because I have crazy games to get this year and finding the money for vita would have been tough. Now I can put a little away at a time to get one nect year.

HebrewHammer2634d ago

Since when was the Vita delayed? I thought it just passed FCC

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Optical_Matrix2634d ago

I'm happy personally. I would have been struggling for money if Vita had come out. Either that or I would have had to put off buying about 8 titles just to afford it. My pre-orders for Q4 games is well over £400. Vita hitting in early 2012 is a sight of relief as it gives me time to get all the games I want, play them, finish them, save up some money/find a new part time job so I'm ready and waiting for Vita in the new year.

Sony knows what they're doing. I think if it had released this year Vita sales would have suffered, or sales for the big titles this fall would have suffered...or both. Seeing as a lot of the big games the west is getting like Skyrim, MW3, BF3 and Uncharted 3 aren't out in Japan until next year most likely, it makes sense to fill the gap there with Vita seeing as it's the bigger portable market. Sony would have been silly to let 3DS go unchallenged this christmas in the land where portable gaming is far more popular than console gaming. It is not the end of the world.

agentxk2634d ago

That was my point exactly! So instead of Buying the Vita and not being able to afford anything else, you can enjoy games like MW3 or Dark Souls

DarkTower8052634d ago

It may be fine for you, but for those of us who have the money and can control our spending habits it kinda sucks.

But, with that being said, if it's not ready, it's not ready.

Farsendor12634d ago

don't know im planning on spending 600$ on steam sales during the holidays 550$ on new motherboard and cpu and i was hoping to buy a vita i don't like handhelds much but i need a new mp3 player and something to get on the internet with when im outside.

with those 2 features and a few games vita is going to be an all right handheld

Acquiescence2634d ago

Sony didn't announce a date for late 2011 and then push it back; this is the first time the public has got a concrete launch frame for the Vita. C'mon, get your facts right.

JBSleek2634d ago

The delay of Vita only hurts the system. It is about 2-3 years too late to the party.

By the time 2012 roles out Tegra 3 would have already rolled out and outperform Vita. This is the wrong time for you to have dedicated handheld system. The times are changing and phones are becoming more powerful and a viable source for gaming (The "hardcore" games would beg to differ about this stating console like experiences).

Vita is a great piece of hardware but where is the market for it?? Sure it will sell some millions but it won't have the lifespan of PSP a time where dedicated gaming consoles where okay to have. By the end of 2014 phones will make the Vita look like a paper weight..

Should of combined Vita with the Xperia Play and keep it a phone and people could by the unlocked version if they just wanted to game. Now Vita comes to the table with 3G (quickly becoming outdated now and is not good for gaming) and graphics that will be rivaled on phones by about 2013.

Good luck Sony!!

blackburn102634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Pardon my language but could you STFU up about the phones. I don't want a fucking phone. I want a gaming device. Why can't you just let the damn device come out and then crow about how its too late? The 3DS is even more outdated then any handheld or phone in existance and yet you hardly see anyone worried about its future. We have 70 million PSP owners. 70 million potential customers.

Just shut up about the phones and Ipad. If you want to buy a new phone every year or so like a blind idiot and fatten these companies wallets in an infinite tech loop, good for you. The VITA is not like a phone or tablet, a distraction until the company decides its time for you to buy something else. You are starting to sound like a broken record. God, its no wonder people always want to beat guys like you up. You never stop talking and are obnoxious to boot.

JBSleek2634d ago

I understand you want a dedicated device for gaming but those are called home consoles and PC's.

I'm obnoxious because I express my opinion about a situation? Stop taking what I say to heart, it's not that serious. I see where the market is going and dedicated gaming handholds will not last much longer. All in one devices are where we are going. Tegra (Stark) series will come out in 2014 and be 75 times more powerful then Tegra2 which just goes to show that technology is evolving rapidly. I didn't say Vita would fail but it won't be as successful as the PSP because 7 years later we are at a point where why pay $250 for a over-sized device when I can get a phone that can do the same and make phone calls.

Now your logic with 70 Million PSP owners will have potential 70 million Vita customers is kinda funny because as we have seen from PS3 brand recognition means nothing..

You have your opinion and I have mine don't be insulted because I don't see the market the way you do.

Technical World2633d ago

Nobody worried about the 3DS' future? Are you insane? Every page online about gaming has some sort of doom story for the 3DS. I agree people need to realise gaming handhelds and phones/tablets are different things. But don't act like the 3DS is getting it easy because I see more hate on the 3DS than the Vita everyday. Plus, I don't think the 3DS is that underpowered. Add an HD screen and nobody would care now would they. But I don't care if my 3" screen is HD or not personally. It's so small I don't think it really matters. And it's in 3D! Have you seen Resident Evil Revelations by the way? Just saying but if you think it's underpowered compared to a cell phone you need to pull your head out of ur butt.

mcstorm2634d ago

I agree and disagree with you on this one. The ipad/android tablests will not affect the 3ds or psv the only company that could do this is microsoft with there windows 8 tablets. But for this to happen developers would have to stop being lazy and develop games for every day pcs/tablets. But I dont think this will happen there will always be a place for handheld gaming devics and tablets.

joeorc2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Sony's playstation portable platform is not just going to rely on the Vita platform as it's only GAME HANDHELD!!!

"that's a great point..If only Sony had not only a development platform that not only works on smartphone's an Tablets, but also Has an application API stack that can be added to any of those very same Smartphones an tablet's after shipping an can along with allowing the PSVita to have those very same applications an Games...?



Playstation suite ring a bell?, Have you been paying attention or are you just looking to ignore that very platform, that can be running on not just Sony only platforms but any Smartphone an Tablet manuf. that wants it."

The Playstation Suite is being released this Fall, an guess what you mention Tegra Sony's already taking that option.

Nvidia announces Sony Playstation Suite for Tegra-based devices

think about that for a sec..the vita already will support the "playstation suite" thus playstation suite will have already launched with their Games ready to be played when PSVita launches! , so it will not have only Playstation Vita launch games, but also have back catalog of PSN PSP Games, PSP Mini's,playstation 3 connected cross platform game play with Vita. Sony is hardly missing the Christmas

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