Is the Fixed Game Price Point Hurting the Industry?

How much is a game worth to you? How may times have you read comments on a review of a good but not great game that say, 'I'll wait until it's $20 cheaper,' or something to that effect? You're a gamer, but you have a limited budget and all these great games are vying for your hard-earned gaming dollars. So the question is, why are nearly all games the same price?

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Spectator12633d ago

Can't say it affects my buying habbits much, though I'm probably in the minority. Can't really think of any games where I decided not to buy them but would have if they were a bit cheaper.

Torillian2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

are prices fixed though? I know NISA comes out with small budget RPGs on the PS3 every once in a while for less than 60 bucks. Is there anything requiring these companies to go with 60? I think most just don't because the second you decrease the price of your game it lends to a stigma that the game isn't as good if the developers themselves don't even think it's worth a regular game's price.

BeastlyRig2633d ago

$30 games would be great!

zeal0us2633d ago

A lower price for some games would the industry some good.

If your hoping COD will drop its 60 buck rule, its not happening.

I think the industry or rather some gaming companies need better marketing techniques. Pretty horrible a game like shadow of damned does poor job in sales and in end up getting some to alot of good ratings. Suda 51 should hire some new ppl in their marketing section.

Excalibur2633d ago

That is the thing that gets me about PC/Wii and 360/PS3 games.
Why is there a $10.00 difference when the same title released on all 4? or PC-360/PS3?

I understand development/advertisement costs and all that BUT generally when a market gets flooded with products, competition breeds lower costs.
It works on the consoles but for some reason it doesn't move over to the games themselves.

I can tell you this, I have modified my gaming list 4 to 5 times because I've decided "That game is not worth $60.00"
It would buy more if there was as little as a $10.00 reduction.

aliengmr2633d ago

The extra 10$ is for licensing or something for the 360 and ps3. I know for sure that it has a purpose beyond just making more money. (or so who whoever established it had said.)

Whats really messed up is EA charges 60$ for digital PC games. Which have non of the shipping, storage, and packing costs. In that case it is all about the money.

Thing is the vast majority of people who buy games, be they gamers or non-gamers, are stupid. Very few consider a purchase of game based on value. If they did movie tie-ins wouldn't be nearly as successful as they are.

There doesn't seems to be a universal limit to what gamers will pay for their favorite games, which means the prices will rise until publishers find it.