25 Years of Zelda

Checkout this EPIC image which features every single Zelda character in it. That’s 25 years of Zelda history right there.

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Rrobba2729d ago

"25 years of Zelda"

And let there be another 25 years of it!


Anarki2729d ago

Nintendo... you know there will be ¬.¬

krazykombatant2729d ago

LOOOL and what does that mean exactly? does SONY and MS not do the same thing?

Septic2729d ago

That is some serious skill right there. He deserves to get pleasured by Miyamoto san himself just for that epic effort.

Pozzle2729d ago

OMG. That's incredible! The amount of time that must have gone into this piece!

I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to name all the characters. :O

Assassin Nawabi2729d ago

there's a link there to a tagged image as well

Pozzle2729d ago

But that ruins the fun. :D

No FanS Land2729d ago

Damn! that is incredible!

LolololRumz2729d ago

Seen this a while ago it's beautiful!

Me and a mate were thinking about turning it into a sleeve design for a tattoo, that and the stained glass artwork from Wind Waker

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The story is too old to be commented.