New Viewsonic 3D Monitor Features Built-In 3D Vision Technology

NVIDIA continues to promote 3D gaming on the PC front. In addition to a growing number of 3D laptops and PCs featuring 3D Vision technology, now the company is partnering with display makers. ViewSonic’s new 24-inch 3D, full HD (1080p) LED monitor, V3D245, includes a built-in NVIDIA 3D Vision wireless emitter and NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. Toshiba shows off an integrated 3D Vision laptop in the video below.

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yamzilla2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

3d gaming on pc is 100000000x better, theres like a grand total of 5 games that support 3d on consoles and they all look like SHIT when running in 3d

pc has about 5,000 games in 3d, all are enchanced by it without taking a visual sacrifice!

gamingdroid2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Think I will pass. At the current cost 3D ain't worth it including how uncomfortable I will be in those glasses.

I will take a bigger TV instead, like a 40" Sony or Samsung for less than $500 instead of this 24".

trollkill2632d ago

lol please troll stardust looks awesome as does kz3 smh i have a samsung 50 inch thts like a first generation 3d tv and these 3d games still look awesome. And i can tell u knw shit and def dnt own a ps3 or are just ignorant bcus socom 4 is 3d, kz 3d, black ops, 3d, stardust 36, res 3 will be 3d, uncharted 3 3d, a few psn games are 3d, and almost every game coming out forward for ps3 will be 3d compatible gran turismo, crysis 2 is in 3d lol there goes your 5 games tht are in 3d smh oh wipeout hd and i can put an even bigger list.

1PC2PS333602632d ago

killzone 3 looks bad in standard mode, in 3d it looks downright TERRIBLE!

You are not seriously comparing console 3d to pc 3d are you, on console the game is always horribly gimped to run in 3d, with pc no visual quality is sacrificed and 3d is simply laid on top!


BrianG2631d ago


Just to let you know, something is sacrificed no matter where 3D is implemented, console or PC.

I guarantee you if you have a game running at a set visual setting at 100fps it wont run at 100fps on the same visual settings in 3D.

BrianG2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

While it is true that 3D gaming would be better on PC granted you have acceptable specs, which most do.

Visuals would stay intact, frame rates would remain solid. The difference is cost, consoles for 299 or a gaming PC at a higher cost (being realistic).

However the PC has more 3D games, but we all know consoles have more than 5 3D games. 3D is a relatively new push on the current gen of consoles. 3D has been pushed for years on PC.

Fishy Fingers2632d ago

"connect to an NVIDIA GeForce-equipped PC to play more than 550 3D games in full 1080p"

Nearly 5000 ;)

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JsonHenry2632d ago

I've been waiting for a 3D monitor that supports the 360 as well as the PS3/Nvidia.

BeastlyRig2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I was hoping that the sony 3d would support pc.

I have to say though. It's kinda ridiculous that I need at least 2 cards to have the frame rate high with a high resolution picture.

I would think 1 gtx 560 would be enough.. I don't care for 3d much anyway. But they better optimize for the damn card.

JsonHenry2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Why doesn't it support PC? AMD uses 3rd party support and any 3D monitor will do 3D with an AMD video card. And I (maybe I am wrong) was under the impression that all Nvidia needed was an IR emitter which can be purchased separately, and a screen that has a 120hz refresh rate.

@below- it doesn't support the Xbox 360.. never mind the PM I guess. But thanks anyway.

Letros2632d ago

Here you are Json, although I don't think they are out yet.

trollkill2632d ago

By the way you can have 5000 games but all pc's wont be able to play all those 5'000 games and if so at what cost. PC is what it is technology tht can be upgraded constantly and thats good but always at a cost!!!! I dont hate pc but yamnerdy dnt come on here spewing bs bcus ps3 has way more than 5 3d compatible games and some that look really good!!!!

1PC2PS333602632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

all that matters is MY PC will run them, and it will run them FANTASTICALLY, like it does every game!

And every games is in real HD, with 16x anti aliasing

what are you a communist, what do you care about your neighbors bowel movements so you think cheese should be outlawed?



gamingdroid2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

You do know that PC's "freedom" is also it's own undoing. It's a double edge sword.

I think something in between would be perfect, like a hybrid console strictness digital platform combined with Steam. Also stricter specification on hardware would do wonders.

trollkill2632d ago

pc groupies i tell u some are laughable at best troll killlllll boommmmmm