Modern Warfare 3: Poor graphics in Wii version inevitable?

Product-Reviews writes: We may be jumping the gun a little bit, as Infinity Ward hasn’t even been confirmed as the developer for MW3 on the Wii yet. Will Treyarch take over with a port once again, or would you like to see IW handle duties this time? Should Wii owners be worried about paying $50 for a game which will feature below-par graphics compared to the other versions of the game?

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Septic2632d ago

Come on- how many years has the Wii been out for you to still ponder this question.

I bought Medal of Honour for the Wii and OH MY DAYS- that game looked like a rabies infested racoon spewed diarrhoea on my tv screen after it had eaten a 4 year old expired pack of Doritos.

Common sense. This article has none.

mastiffchild2632d ago

Why write this? seriously, we all know the PC will look best, then the two HD consoles(with the 360 running better because of Acti and MS's Live love in)then the Wii and then, if they make one(and they have before) for DS/3DS that one last.

A PC mag might easily have done the exact same about the 360 FFAS. It's just like an article Pachter wold approve of-stating the mind bendingly obvious while ignoring the fact that if you have only GOT a Wii you might not care what the other versions look like and be thankful for some, even if you don't love the game yourself many do, some proper MP goodness, no? No one will buy it expecting magically real visuals on Wii and, you'd expect, for a Wii game it'll look pretty good anyway. This just feels like a kick in the teeth he never needed to write at all.

Seriously, is there ANY point to this at all?

Cmpunk2632d ago

it's treyarch they cant make a game or even inovate if their lives depended on it

proof black ops is just modern warfare 2 but slightly tweaked

quantum of solace um LOL

infinity ward is the great devoloper and treyarch mooches of them

danswayuk2632d ago

Poor graphics on all versions you mean, Call of Duty needs to up their graphics to this generation.

Motorola2632d ago

I thought MW2 looked good for a FPS. BF3 is obviously better but MW2 had decent graphics. Black Ops is a mess though.

InNomeDiDio2632d ago

@Motorola: Yes, I think MW2 looks really good. And Black Ops worse.

Pixel_Pusher2632d ago

I thought BlOps graphics were much better than MW2.

Motorola2632d ago

Black Ops looks really bad when compared to MW2's graphics. (Campaign)

The Meerkat2632d ago ShowReplies(4)
Rrobba2632d ago

Poor compared to PS3/360 versions? Yes.
But then again, the PS3/360 versions will look poor compared to the PC version.

danswayuk2632d ago

No point comparing to PC as the consoles are years old, and graphic hardware is not upgradable. Like comparing a PC to the PS4/Xbox 720 when first released.

trollkill2632d ago

i play online fine with my COD so i dnt knw what broken online means on ps3. I just choose not to play this crap anymore. As for poor grpahics compared to ps3 gems and other games hell yeah and crappy online bcus of cheaters and campers on both ps3 and xbox hell yeahhhh!!!! And the wii lol the only ppl that will say it doesnt have even poorer graphics are the wii owners themselves just to validate their purchase of a system tht was outdated as soon as it hit the market.

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The story is too old to be commented.