Official: Last two Call of Duty games bigger than Finding Nemo, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Ukraine

So you knew that Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best-selling game of this generation (though not of all time, however Activision might spin its numbers). And you knew that Modern Warfare 2 sold a metric shitload before it. But did you know the exact numbers of units shifted? Possibly not, as Activision has often favoured referencing profits over sales figures. But now things have changed. And ye gods, are those numbers terrifyingly large. Like, ogre-on-the-back-of-an-elephan t-on-the-strange-giant-mystery- planet-from-Land-of-the-Giants large. In fact the numbers are so large that they're impossible to wrap the human brain around when detailed in mere numerological abstraction, so I've provided some easily comparable real-world comparisons over the jump so that you can get into your head just how soul-shudderingly large these numbers are.

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Ducky2636d ago

...kill the world indeed.

qface642636d ago


BattleAxe2636d ago

Pink Floyd is timeless, CoD gets old after a year.

ReservoirDog3162636d ago

So true. Best album: Meddle. Most underrated: Obscured by Clouds.

+bubbles for good taste in music

jacksonmichael2636d ago

Meddle? Excellent choice. Echoes is an excellent late night driving song.

NuclearDuke2636d ago

So all the whine about "They are releasing CoD too fast" is true and you actually get bored of COD after one year. Okey - Fine.

DarkTower8052636d ago

Congrats Acti, you've earned your success. COD has been an enjoyable franchise this gen. Looking forward to MW3, buying 2 copies in fact.

DarkTower8052636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

So I'm a troll because I like COD? Grow up little kid! Kinda ironic how you call me a troll when you're doing that to me.

CrazyForGames2636d ago


i completely agree with you i actually don't like COD never have and never will but i cannot understand how completely retarded some people are over COD

if you like it you like it if you don't you don't
i cannot understand how COD makes people lose brain cells

have a bubble

DarkTower8052636d ago

Yup, it's like some gamers don't want people to have fun, or only on their terms.

f7897902636d ago

Yeah I'm just going to bubble you down for trolling even if you really are that insane.

DarkTower8052636d ago

I guess if I said I was buying 2 copies of BF3 that would have ben ok then. Damn, kids these days!

EYEamNUMBER12636d ago

im actually gonna bubble you down myself f789790 just because your being really stupid

PIayStation2636d ago

And i am going to bubble you right back up f789790

CrazyForGames2636d ago

im gonna join in and bubble him back down

PinchoVe2636d ago

And I, kind sir, shall bubble you up in turn

Muletroid2636d ago

im gonna bubble him down then lol xD

Sgt_Slaughter2636d ago


radphil2636d ago

"I guess if I said I was buying 2 copies of BF3 that would have ben ok then. Damn, kids these days!"

I know right. Pointlessly buying 2 copies...

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Inside_out2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

COD has really put gaming on the map this gen with Hollywood even taking notice and wanted in.

Comparing COD, a video game, to Pink Floyd or the Beatles is off base. It's apples and oranges and never the two shall meet especially since DD is now the future and I doubt those sales have even been taken into account let alone the difference in population and expendable dollars available today Vs yesteryear.

Ignore the haters Dark. A more delusional bunch would be hard to find. They are jealous that they are the distinct minority and nobody even cares what they think. If you defend COD, your a troll, but the same people accusing others of trolling are here crying like babies with nothing to add other than hate...isn't that right Mystic and kitten...O_o

snipes1012636d ago

Yea what I don't get is there are plenty other games out there that people ooze about but don't get criticized for liking. Elder Scrolls games, ME games and now BF games are all acceptable, but COD is not?

It's gaming people, we play games because we like them, not for self validation. If that's the case, some people need to get their affairs in order.

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Cpt_kitten2636d ago

psh nothing can beat pink floyd and the Beatles.....but then again they also put hard work into there music call of duty has no such work

Ducky2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

... are you saying Activision doesn't put work into CoD?

Marketing is hard work!
It's the force that displaces CoD from store shelves.

Cpt_kitten2636d ago

oh yeah, very boring and dull marketing designs is so hard to pour money into

yes graphic designing is hard, but call of duty's posters are very dull with to much empty space

JBSleek2636d ago

Activision and IW you guys are great!! Each year you give us a high profile game that leave gamers in awe!!

No doubt MW3 will be Epic and not disappoint. You have the winning formula and don't lose that and keep giving gamers what they want.

MW3- First day purchase easily!!

MysticStrummer2636d ago

Imagine what the music world's opinion of Pink Floyd and The Beatles would have been if they had put out the same album over and over, with only minor variations. Call of Duty doesn't deserve to be in the same sentence as those people.

snipes1012636d ago

The article is just talking numbers, no more, no less. Nowhere in the article does are artistic qualities mentioned.

MysticStrummer2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yeah I get it. These numbers say more about gamers than the devs. There's no reason for the devs to be creative, evidently. I like a wide variety of games and I can't stand Call of Duty, so from my point of view these numbers are really depressing.

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