Essential Gaming: Top 5 August Releases

VGW: With the strong months of May and June in the rear-view mirror, and the chaos of October and November off in the distance, we gamers are stuck in the dead months of summer, where huge releases are rare. That doesn’t mean that our gaming lives are dead in the water, mind you. Instead, we get a chance to catch up on our backlog before our lives are sucked away by the frantic holiday release schedule.

Just in case you don’t have that huge backlog that we do, however, there are some definite notable titles hitting digital and physical stores this month. Whether you’re hoping for revivals of classic franchises or a strong, new IP, you do have games to consider in the month of August. Check out our picks for the top games in August 2011.

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Alos882634d ago

Two of those games look dreadful.
If those are really the best, expect a slow month.

killyourfm2634d ago

One of the SLOWEST in recent memory...

Ducky2634d ago

DeusEx and RedOrchestra2 will keep me occupied... too bad they're releasing near the end of the month. =(

Dynasty20212634d ago

Arguably the worst month this year for releases.

Love how Deux Ex is like ''Rage in September, BF 3 and Skyrim in October (oh dear god what a month that is) and MW3 in November (zzz)..and we have to get it out this year...we'll go for random August then, or else we have no chance in selling anything as most of our sales will be made to people so bored of waiting for October and November, that they'll just buy it on impulse.''

strange19862634d ago

Huh? That seems like spot-on analysis. Why are you nitpicking the month a game comes out?

Btw Rage comes out in October and Skyrim in November.