Battlefield vs Call of Duty: Different Sports writes, "Since the announcement of Battlefield 3, gamers and analysts have spent quite a bit of time debating the upcoming title against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. While it may seem like an obvious comparison, the two titles have absolutely no business being compared to one another. In fact, think of the two as separate sports."

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I have to say I don't see why people have to start a flame war about these games all the time.... they are both fun games!

I admit I have grown bored with COD, but I did really used to enjoy the fast paced arcadey warfare that COD4 offered up...

I personally prefer Battlefield and I would like to see more even sales, purely for the reason that if COD didn't dominate it would have to evolve and push itself to be better... and I could quite happily get back into some COD so that I had the choice of 2 good but different FPS's... along with all the other quality ones coming out!

The only problem's I see with COD's dominance is that they don't try that hard to make it a better game, and it also hampers the other dev's attempts to be daring and try new things to give us a better gaming experience.. COD has it's place in gaming, but let's hope it's place becomes a little less prominent, but a lot more quality!

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I dont understand some people. COD is a fun game to many, BF is a fun game to many. Alot of people will buy both. Some will buy for pc, some for ps3, and some for 360. Alot of people on this site are pathectic oppinated d-bags who cant see out of there bubble or just dont want to.

Inside Out Im not gonna put you down but I will say this, take a step back and think before you post. You make yourself look foolish. All games have bugs its just silly to think otherwise. Some are minor some are not. Some carry over to retail, its just apart of gaming.

Edit DanSolo well said, bubbles for you sir.

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well said
im personally a COD guy
i prefer cod because i normaly play alone
and in BF you have to be a real team in order to win
if i had more friends online i would preffer BF
in cod people normaly dont give a rat's ass about tema work

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