Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Planned As DLC?

Is Bioware looking into releasing multiplayer modes for Mass Effect 3 a month after launch? If you believe the following rumor then the answer is, “Yes”.

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Nate-Dog2635d ago

I don't really see it happening, then again from what I've heard of Bioware's antics with Dragon Age II DLC maybe I could be wrong. It's an interesting idea alright, not releasing it right on the disk could perhaps stop some of us players who have been moaning about the possibility of an unnecessary and forced multiplayer into a game that really doesn't need it from moaning even more, and at the same time it could give Bioware a good idea from DLC sales as to how much of the Mass Effect fanbase really wants a multiplayer section.

Although at the same time, this rumour could actually perhaps bring over some fans who are against the inclusion of MP (like myself) when you think about it. Bioware rumoured to include multiplayer with ME3 - lots of ME fans don't want it. Bioware rumoured to release multiplayer section of ME3 as DLC a month after the game's release - fans complain saying that it should be included on the disk and we shouldn't have to pay more for it, which leads Bioware to put MP into ME3 with less of an uproar.

I'm not saying the above will happen but just one of the interesting things that can happen with just a small rumour. The best solution though... DON'T WASTE TIME WITH TACKED-ON MULTIPLAYER AT ALL BIOWARE AND STICK TO THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE GAME.


vickers5002635d ago

I'd like co-op for Mass Effect 3. I mean you're with a partner pretty much all the time anyways, so why not make one or more of those partners on your team controllable by a friend?

Septic2635d ago

That's almost as bad as what Capcom did with RE5

HeavenlySnipes2635d ago

i remember seeing that the game had MP but I had to buy it or some shit. I was like WTF? And sold the game as soon as I beat it. Is Capcom that broke that they have to try and scam people like that?

zeal0us2635d ago

Won't affect most of us seeing we stick to campaign/storymode

Farsendor12635d ago

thought blizzard would always be on the side of fans but look at diablo 3,wouldn't surprise me one bit if bioware were to make multiplayer dlc.

cochise3132635d ago

I hate dlc. I mean I really do.

StayStatic2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Same , its like the stuff they chop out and sell you later on.

Hope this means they focus the single player then focus multiplayer DLC after.


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